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Half Term Information Sheet


This half term's Special Mention

18th May 2018-
Fridays special mention went to Tyler for his beautiful water colour painting of St George's Chapel. Well done Tyler!

11th May 2018-

Fridays special mention went to Wojciech for his amazing work in English planning a persuasive letter, well done Wojciech!

4th May 2018 -

Fridays special mention went to Jen for trying so hard with her writing target this week making sure her handwriting is joined up and her neatest and making sure she always uses her word book if she is unsure of spellings. Well done Jen

27th April 2018 - 

The special mention went to Daisy for trying so hard this week to make sure her handwriting is joined up and her presentation is neat. Keep it up Daisy well done

20th April 2018 - 

The special mention this week went to Dalton for his concentration this week. He has tried really hard to stay focused and complete all of his work, well done

This half term's CHAS


18th May 2018-
CHAS went home with Daisy for being extra helpful this week making sure the classroom is always tidy and even helping others tidy their things too. Well done Daisy!


11th May 2018-

On Friday CHAS went to Cayla for trying really hard to be a good friend this week, well done Cayla


4th May 2018 - 

Chas went home with Tegan on Friday for always being such a polite, kind, hard working member of the class and setting a great example. Well done Tegan


27th April 2018 - 

On Friday CHAS went hope with Ethan for always being helping caring and sharing, it was very well deserved well done Ethan

20th April 2018 -

 Chas went home with Thomas for always being caring, helping and sharing. He always plays nicely with his friends and is always helpful in class. Well done Thomas


This is the mission possible homework booklet for Chestnut class. The home learning activities are linked to areas of mission that we are focusing on in class to help develop their skills in different areas of the curriculum. 



What we've been doing this week

Week 5

A massive well done to all the children and a thank you to parents for joining us for the sponsored walk on Friday. If you could send any sponsor money in this week it would be greatly appreciated, all the money raised will go to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

In English we typed up our persuasive letters to Miss Langridge and sent them to her. We are hoping our letters have done their job and she will let us have a full day of Royal wedding celebrations on Thursday. We discussed what wedding vows were and wrote poems that we thought the royal couple could use as their vows.

On Friday as we were doing the sponsored walk in the afternoon and raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, we discussed what a fundraiser was and why would need to do this for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We discussed other ways to fund raise and created some leaflets advertising their own fundraising event.

In Maths we have been doing lots of past paper assessment question practice this week talking about the wording of the questions and working out what it is that we need to do to work out the answer.

In SPaG we have created our own 'Apostrophe rules' cards for the children to have in their learning profiles to use whilst doing their work to make sure we are using apostrophes in the correct place.

In Mission this week we have been finishing off our work we had started the previous week to go in our wedding planners. The children's art work of St Georges Chapel and their wedding outfits look amazing! We will share some photos of them with you later this week.


Week 4

In Mission last week we created our very own wedding planner and took on the role of organising Meghan and Harry’s wedding for them. We had 3 different activities that each of the children will get to complete. The wedding planner had a twist though, they decided to persuade Meghan and Harry to have a themed wedding and will be planning each of element of the wedding around their theme. We had underwater, sport, Harry Potter and colours.
One mission activity was to design the wedding dress and suit for Meghan and Harry incorporating their theme. They had to select, cut and alter different materials to create the outfits and attach them to a template of the couple.
The other was to create a piece of art of St. George’s chapel using sketching pencils and watercolours. They thought about their sketching technique, selecting the appropriate pencils and paint brushes and thinking about their brush strokes too.
The third activity was to create a guest list and seating plan. They had to use the family tree they had previously made and their research of who was going to be there and how to appropriately seat them to create these two pieces, again incorporating their theme.

In English we have been planning and editing our persuasive letter to Miss Langridge and created a ‘how to be a great letter writer’ for the younger children with top tips.

In Maths we have carried on with multiplication moving on to multiplying 3 digit numbers and have become so much more confident with doing it this week and even used this to answer word problems related to every day life involving multiplication.

Well done to James who has completed his green spelling card!

On Tuesday Lorelai brought in her homework to share with the whole class. She had made a real life wedding cake for the royal couples wedding and even included a list of ingredients she used. It was delicious Lorelai, thank you!


Week 3

In Mission following on from our work on the royal family, on Friday in Mission we did an outdoor quiz to see if we could identify the past and present members of the royal family. In mission we also designed, constructed and evaluated ring boxes fit for the royal couples wedding rings.

In Maths we took advantage of the warm weather and did our multiplication with chalk on the playground.

In English we received a letter from Mr Boggington persuading us to let him build a picked onion factory on our school field. We evaluated the good and bad points and whether Mr Boggington had met our strict criteria of what needs to be in a persuasive letter to be effective. We came up with some top tips of how he could improve his persuasive letter and we will be writing back to him this week trying to persuade him to not build the factory.

Some children have been working with Mrs Spence out on the playground becoming a human clock to help them tell the time.

In our SPaG lessons we have been learning about homophones and trying to locate them in our whole class reading book Charlottes Web.

In French we are looking at different types of fruits learning the names of them and working on our pronunciation. Next week we will use this to have a conversation and say which fruits we like and dislike.

Well done to Zac and Daisy who have moved on to the next spelling card! Keep up the hard work.


Week 2

In Mission this week we have been doing lots of art work from the portraits of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We started by tracing over the pictures. We used different papers and different sketching pencils and later discussed and evaluated the effectiveness of each. In our next lesson we used 4B pencils as we decided they would be most suited for the type of sketching we were doing and created a cross hatch in our sketching books to help us place each of the facial features on the page. I was very impressed at their sketching techniques.

In Maths we have been working on time and have become so much more confident with telling the time both digital and analogue

In English we finished our newspaper reports on the upcoming Royal wedding. We included lots of facts about the big day from our research earlier in the week and interviews with Meghan and Harry. The children organised where each of the pieces of information went on their page with headings, subheadings, illustrations and their newspaper name and appropriate price.

In our SPaG lessons this week we have been learning about homophones and seeing if we can choose the correct one to complete different sentences.

On Monday in our comprehension lesson we learnt all about St George’s day and why he is the patron of our country.

We are having a really big push on our handwriting in class and I have seen a massive difference in not just their handwriting but with their overall presentation in their books too and I am really impressed!

So many children in Chestnut have been so thoughtful and kind complementing each others work and doing things to be extra caring towards one another this week and we have been making sure we have been celebrating these children for setting a great example.

Well done to Lorelai and Bradley who completed their blue spelling cards this week and are now on their Orange spelling card.

I have set up the children with Times Table Rockstars accounts and sent home their log ins on Friday so that they can practice them at home and in class we can see how well everyone is doing.

Every Monday we will have a mental maths test to help consolidate what we have learnt in our Maths lessons previously and hopefully improve our score each week!


Week 1

What a lovely first week back it has been! I’m so impressed with how quickly the children have got back into their work and it seems as though their efforts and enthusiasm are better than ever.

On Friday Willow and Chestnut went on an Easter egg hunt looking for eggs with their initials on. They were great hunters and all managed to get a prize! It made it even more great that the sun was out too.

In English we are looking at newspaper reports. One lesson this week we spent coming up with interview questions and answers looking at who/what/when/where/why/how about the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We then used the questions and answers to perform an interview between a reporter and Meghan/Harry. The children really enjoyed taking on the role of a royal and found out so many new facts about the royal couple and their upcoming wedding.

In Mission the children’s challenge was to use the articles and pictures of Meghan and Harry to create a ‘knowledge collage’ of all the information they had found out about the Royal couple and their wedding and present it to the class. We also looked at different members of the Royal family and looked to see if we could say how each of them were related to one another. We used this information to create our own Royal family tree.

In Maths we have been looking at mental Maths this week. They worked in pairs and took turns to hide a paper clip under one of the questions and their partner had to use a magnet to see which question their partner had chosen for them and work out the answers in their heads. We will now be doing a mental Maths test every Monday morning to help the children improve with this.

Well done to Rosie who completed her yellow spelling card this week and well done to Zac our champion reader who has received his silver reading certificate for completing 50 reads at home, both making me very proud. Keep up the amazing work guys. Lilly has blown me away this week with how much she has improved with her handwriting and deserves an extra special mention for how hard she has been trying to improve it. Keep it up Lilly, well done!


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