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Parent's Information Letter

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Phonic activities and support

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Recommended Reading list

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This half term's Special Mention

 8.3.19 - This week it goes to Bentley, for his progress and hard work in his writing. He has tried really hard this week and taken his time, this has produced some beautiful work. Well done!

15.3.19- Erin is this weeks special mention for the beautiful instruction writing she created. We have been working so hard on our Thunder cake instructions and Erin always tries her best in all challenges. She included lots of wonderful sentence openers too, well done!

This half term's CHAS

 8.3.19 - Goes to Isaac for being a wonderful friend and worked well being a team captain. He is always very caring and has gained a lot more confidence in himself. Well done!

15.3.19- CHAS will be going home with Charlie this weekend. This week Charlie has shown a really grown up and caring attitude around his friends. He has been very helpful and honest this week. Well done Charlie! 



What we've been doing this week

In maths we have been investigating doubles, counting in 10's, using Venn diagrams and identifying odd and even numbers. 

In English we have learning about a fiction book called 'Thunder cake'. The children have been working hard to plan and write out the thunder cake recipe.

This week we have been meteorologists! We scientifically tested materials in the wind to find out which would work best for our wind sock. The children also used a compass to find out which direction the wind was blowing.

Wow moments!

 We have a wonderful trip to the National Railway Museum in York. The children were very well behaved and learnt lots of facts about Stephensons Rocket.

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