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Half Term Information Sheet

Please find information about Spring 2 below.

This half term's Special Mention

Spring 2018

9th February 2018 - Eliza got a Special Mention for her amazing weekend recount. She used time words including 'suddenly' and adventurous words such as 'luckily'! Well done. 

2nd February 2018 - Daniel has got a Special Mention for always having a brilliant and enthusiastic work ethic in Mission Possible. 

26th January 2018 - A Special Mention went to Joe for his independent work on two-step word problems in maths. Amazing work! 

19th January 2018 - Peter got a well deserved Special Mention for working so hard with Miss Moughan in phonics and for collecting phonemes. 

12th January 2018 - Isla got a Special Mention for working amazingy well in maths when she was representing numbers. Well done!

This half term's CHAS

 Spring 2018

9th February 2018 - CHaS has gone home with Macie for being so caring. She welcomed a member of the class back who had been off ill for a few days by offering to practise spellings with him and asking how he was. 

2nd February 2018 - Archie has taken CHaS home for being extra thoughtful with all of his peers and for working so hard to use our Jigsaw ethos everyday. 

26th January 2018 - CHaS has gone home with Myla today. It is well-deserved because she is a caring, helping and sharing member of the class who is a role model for all because of her attitude to her learning. 

19th January 2018 - Alfie has taken CHaS home this week for always letting others play when he is outside and for being generally caring, helping and sharing to all. 

12th January 2018 - CHaS has gone home with Ollie for being such an honest member of the class. 


This is your child’s Mission possible Homework Booklet for Spring 2. The home learning activities are linked to the Mission that the children are focusing on and they will be carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects.

What we've been doing this week

We were so lucky to have an extra special day this week to help us round off our work on Chinese New Year. Miss Langridge arranged for us to have lots of Chinese food to try at a banquet and Mr Zugic and Miss Donnelly set up some activities for us and Acorn class to do in the afternoon. 'Kung hei fat choy' from Elm Class!


This week in maths we being looking at the different ways we can make 20. We have been using Numicon and counters to help us with this and have been doing brilliantly. Some children have moved onto drawing tens and ones to help them answer two 2-digit addition calculations which is very tricky indeed! Joe and Samuel have been working hard to use their addition and subtraction knowledge to independently answer two-step word problems which has been great to see. 

We have began learning a counting in 2s song, it has really helped us to learning how to do this. I have put the link on here for the children to watch and sing along at home. 



In English we have learnt a lot about countries and Chinese New Year by using the internet to help us research. Some children have started to create their own leaflets on Purple Mash on the laptops and others are writing theirs by hand. The children have really impressed me with how they have retained the different facts they have learnt and by how well they have worked together in partners or in teams. Keep it up Elm Class!

My phonics group have been learning 'oy' and 'ea' this week - can you think of any words at home with these phonemes in them?

Some children have been using Phonics Play at home to practise their phonics. Any extra phonics work will support your child in class. 



On Tuesday afternoon we were lucky enough to have Miss Langridge teach us! We were learning about the countries that make up Great Britain. 


We made ads lots of Chinese New Year crafts this week for a very special display in school. We were able to share our crafts with Acorn class and taught them about the lucky colours of red and gold. We were also lucky enough to present our work to the rest of school this week during our class assembly. Every class said how good it was and that they could hear everything each child had to say. Well done Elm Class!

Wow moments!

Spring 2018

  • Mrs Cleaver took a group of children to the library on Thursday to do a book activity. The children all wrote about their favourite book character and the work is proudly on display in the classroom. 
  • Thea got a bucket from Miss Langridge for being filling everyone's buckets each and every day!
  • Daniel and Joe did a great drawing of the skeleton from the Winter Olympics on Purple Mash. Macie and Kara also did a detailed picture of an ice skater with the Olympic Rings. Well done!
  • Miss Moughan was blown away with the quality of the Olympic tourches the children made. 
  • Eliza, Daniel, Kara, Jessica, George and Oliver all finished their Chinese New Year leaflets that are now up on display in the classroom. 
  • Ollie made a brilliant Chinese dragon mask this week. He was so proud of it and made sure he coloured it in perfectly! 
  • Well done to Elm Class for putting on an amazing assembly about Chinese New Year for the rest of the school. We shared our Chinese New Year songs that we have been learning in English and shared some of our facts. 
  • Abigail, Eliza, George, Myla and Isla worked amazingly together to create a number line to 50 in words. 
  • Well done to Max, Archie, Cohen, Alfie, Sienna, Jake, Amber and Naomi for writing some great facts about Chinese New Year. They all tried so hard to remember finger spaces and use sound mats to help them spell. 

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Our Olympic torches!
Our Olympic torches!

Counting in twos in maths.
Counting in twos in maths.

Look at some of our brilliant Mission Possible work!
Look at some of our brilliant Mission Possible work!

We had to try and find the different fruits and vegetables in the store.
We had to try and find the different fruits and vegetables in the store.

Trying some cheese!
Trying some cheese!

We went in the freezer at Tesco. It was very cold
We went in the freezer at Tesco. It was very cold