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Recommended Reading List

Please see the below recommended reading list for Cherry class:

 Children's Reading Book List KS1 Yr 1,2 (5 -7 yrs).pdfDownload
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Year 2 Information

All the objectives in the information below will be worked on throughout the year. Any extra support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these is greatly valued.

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Half Term Information Sheet

Please find below the Spring 1 Information Sheet for parents/carers, which contains general information about Spring Term 1.

 Welcome Back Cherry Class Spring 1.pdfDownload
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Merits Awards

I am delighted to confirm the following Cherry class children have been awarded our first Merits of the 2018-2019 school year, for their hard work and amazing attitudes throughout our Autumn term 2018:

  • Abigail
  • George 
  • Myla
  • Alfie
  • Amber
  • Ollie. 

Well done to all members of Cherry class, especially our Merit receivers - I know we have a super year ahead together. 

Special Mentions and CHAS

Every Friday we come together as a school to celebrate the children's hard work across our school; we do this by awarding one (on exception more than one), child per class Special Mention, and one child per class CHAS recognition.

During our celebration assembly we also celebrate weekly birthdays and award reading certificates, as per our in-school 'Reading Challenge'. Additionally, children have the opportunity to try their spellings and/or times tables to be able to progress to the next level in spellings and/or times tables in school. 

The weekly Special Mention and CHAS for Cherry class is be recorded below.


This Half Term's Special Mention:

 Week 1

Special Mention this week has been given to Naomi F. Naomi has worked really hard across all lessons, producing some lovely work. Naomi is relatively new to Cherry class, only joining the class at the end of Autumn Term 2, but has already demonstrated a brilliant learning attitude. Well done Naomi - keep up the wonderful work!

Week 2

This week's Special Mention goes to Daisy. Daisy has worked consistently hard across all areas of our curriculum, producing some super work. Daisy drew a lovely transport timeline in Mission History, developed a wonderful word bank in Mission English (including a range of expanded noun phrases) and brought in an amazing piece of homework. Well done Daisy!


This Half Term's CHAS:

Week 1

I am happy to award our first CHAS of Spring Term 1 to Max. Max is a kind, caring and helpful member of Cherry class, usually with a big smile on his face! Max was especially kind, working hard to ensure Miss Wheeler felt welcome as she joined Cherry class. Well done Max!

Week 2

CHAS this week has been given to George. George is an 'always' member of Cherry class; 'always' being helpful, caring and kind. However, George was especially helpful and kind this week helping to keep Cherry class tidy and becoming an unofficial cloakroom monitor. This contributed to Cherry class winning the School's Eco Award for the week. Well done George! 

Spring Term 1 - Looking at our learning...


Week 1


Please find below the Homework Booklet for Spring Term 1:

 Homework Booklet Spring 1 Cherry Class.pdfDownload
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Spring 1 Homework Examples:

Autumn Term 2 Homework Examples:

Cherry class produced some amazing Autumn Term 2 pieces of homework.  Well done Cherry class - keep it up!  

Looking at our learning - a snapshot of Autumn Term 2...

Autumn Term 2 Special Mention:

Week 1

This week Special Mention has been given to Courtnie for her fantastic work in Maths. We have been looking at money in Maths and Courtnie has worked really hard, producing some super work - well done Courtnie.

It has been a wonderful week in Cherry class. All children have brought brilliant learning attitudes to the classroom - a great return to school. Well done Cherry class - let's keep it up!

Week 2

Special Mention this week has been awarded to Amelia. Amelia 'wowed' us with her work in Phonics this week, which was lovely to hear and see - well done Amelia.

Again, Cherry class have worked wonderfully, producing some super work throughout the week. Well done Cherry class - I'm proud of all of you.

Week 3

If only I could give ALL members of Cherry class 'Special Mention' this week I would!  I am extremely proud of each and every member of Cherry class, as we showcased our work during our 'Class Assembly' on Thursday.  I am proud of every member of our class, as we all worked hard and took part, even those who felt less confident to talk about their work, they still played an important role by showing their artwork or homework.  Well done Cherry class - let's keep up our brilliant work!

Additionally, I am happy to award two members of Cherry class Special Mention...

The first Special Mention goes to Macie. Macie has worked really hard across all lessons this week, but especially during Mission English, whereby she produced an amazing Winter rhyming poem. She also brought in 2 pieces of wonderful homework this week. Furthermore, Macie volunteered to read the 'World Kindness Day'promise of another class member during our class assembly, as unfortunately, the class member was poorly. Well done Macie!

The second Special Mention this week goes to Peter. Peter has worked really hard all week producing some super work. Peter  completed not only his own, but two further challenge sheets in Maths on Monday, independently, which was brilliant to see. Peter also completed his reading challenge and practised his spellings and times tables, spreading a BIG smile across Cherry class on Friday. Well done Peter!  

Week 4

Special Mention this week goes to Sienna. Sienna may be a quieter member of the class at times, but this does not mean her hard work goes unnoticed. Sienna 'wowed' the class with her amazing Maths work this week, which was great to see. Well done Sienna!

Week 4 has been a busy week, not only with our in-class learning, but also 'assessment week' across the school. Cherry have all worked hard and shown great determination and effort completing their tests. Well done Cherry class - I am proud of you all. 

Week 5

Due to the whole school pantomime trip we didn't have a week 5 whole school celebration assembly. However, we did celebrate our weekly 'stars' in class (readers, times tables, spellers and 'Superstars'), as we do every week. 

Week 6

Similar to week 3, if I could give the whole class a special mention award I would do this week, as I am extremely proud of every member of Cherry class for their effort and attitude at our Christingle service on Wednesday. Some of the children were quite nervous, yet all the children sang beautifully and those children who read to the audience spoke clearly and calmly. Well done Cherry class - you were all super singers!

However, I am pleased to give Special Mention to Will this week. Will has worked consistently hard, showing an amazing attitude not only to his learning, but also at playtime and lunchtime. Will has been applying himself, especially in Maths and Phonics. Well done Will - keep it up! 

Week 7

Special Mention this week goes to Oliver for his hard work and extra effort, especially in Maths. Oliver has applied himself across all areas of the curriculum, producing some super work. Well done Oliver! 


Autumn Term 2 CHAS:

Week 1

CHAS this week has been awarded to Abigail. Abigail has been very helpful, not only in class, but also at Breakfast Club and After School Club. She has also shown lovely manners everyday in class. Well done Abigail!

Week 2

This week CHAS has been given to Joseph. Joseph is a kind, helpful and polite member of the class. Joseph's CHAS qualities were especially evident this week during our Autumn Artwork session, where he showed great patience and manners. Well done Joseph! 

Week 3

I am happy to award this week's CHAS to Kara. Kara is a helpful, kind and considerate member of Cherry class. Kara always displays lovely manners in class, and offers to help members of the class and teaching staff throughout school wherever she can. Well done Kara - keep it up! 

Week 4

CHAS this week has been given to Mia. Mia may be a quieter member of the class, but she is someone who will go the extra mile to make others happy, in class and around school. Also, Mia often completes extra work at home, and this week brought in a lovely picture she had drawn for the class, which was very kind. Well done Mia! 

Week 5

Due to the whole school pantomime trip we didn't have a week 5 whole school celebration assembly. However, we did celebrate our weekly 'stars' in class (readers, times tables, spellers and 'Superstars'), as we do every week. 

Week 6

I am pleased to give this week's CHAS to Cohen. Cohen has shown great kindness this week, helping his friends and also teaching staff, both in the classroom and around school. Cohen really has been helpful and shown what a great friend he is to different children around school. Well done Cohen!

Week 7

CHAS this week has been given to Kara. Kara has been especially helpful this week, not only to members of staff throughout school, but also to classmates and at play-times. Kara has consistently displayed lovely manners throughout this half term, and is a friendly and kind member of Cherry class. Well done Kara!

What Cherry class did during Autumn Term 1...


Autumn Term 1  Special Mention:

Week 1 - This week, Will gets a special mention for trying so hard with his work and being a great helper.

Week 3 - Well done to my three musketeers; Cohen, Daniel and Jack for working super hard this week in class.

Week 4 - Myla and Abigail both got a special mention for their fantastic work in maths this week.

We!ek 5 - Well done Joseph for getting a special mention for his fantastic satellite homework.

Week 6 - This week, our special mention in Cherry class goes to Zach! Well done Zach for producing amazing work and a super space story!

Week 7 - Well done Jake for getting a special mention this week for trying hard in every lesson and persevering when it has been tricky.

Autumn Term 1  CHAS:

Week 1 - Well done Isla for getting Chas this week. Isla has been such a good friend, looking after someone who was poorly.

Week 2 - Well done to our birthday girl, Myla for getting Chas today. You have been such a good helper this week.

Week 3 - Well done Jessica, you are such a kind member of Cherry class.

Week 5 - Very proud of Max this week for earning our Chas award. Max is such a kind and caring member of Cherry class.

Week 6 - Well done Cohen for receiving Chas this week. Cohen was a great friend to someone who had lost something this week. He even helped her to retrieve it!

Week 7 - A big well done to George for getting Chas this week. George has been a good friend and helped anyone, whenever he can.


We have had a great time so far this half term. We have really enjoyed learning about the solar system, astronauts and much more. This week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed designing their own planet. There have been some weird but wonderful designs!

The children have loved using the laptops, iPad's and books to research lots of different information about space.

 We also enjoyed taking part in the Joe Wicks fitness days!

Cherry class really enjoyed the Fit Fencing today!

Wow moments! 

Mr Zugic and I have really been blown away with the quality of the work produced both at home and at school! Just look at some of this work in the photograph below.

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