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Half Term Information Sheet

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This half term's Special Mention

17th November 2017 - Jake Cockerham for being a supportive team player in football and always showing a lovely team spirit.

3rd November 2017 - Billy Green for becoming an independent in maths and having a wonderful attitude.




This half term's CHAS

17th November 2017 - Holly Asquith for being a lovely friend at playtime, being enthusiastic in mission and creating an outstanding homework! A fantastic week, Holly!

3rd November 2017 - Martha for always coming into school with a smile and a fantastic attitude. You are always a good friend and really show off your CHAS personality!

Last week's attendance




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Last week's attendance


What we've been doing this week

 We have introduced our 'mission possible' for this half term! Investigating where our unusual fossils have come from by using knowledge of animals and their habitats. The children are very excited and are planning lots of creative lessons.

Wow moments!

  This week we have turned ourselves into paleontologists and created interactive timelines of fossils found throughout different eras! 

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