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Recommended Reading List

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Half Term Information Sheet


Special Mention

Autumn 1

Week 6  Siobhan - for really pushing your self this week and writing your own introduction. 

Week 5  Sophie - for always giving 100% to her work and showing an amazing attitude to learning.  

Week 4  Casey-May - for an outstanding start to your narrative inspired by space. The techniques you used hooked the reader in straightaway and                                            show we have a budding author in our midst.  

Week 3  Jack - for an amazing attitude to his maths this week. Your hard work has really impressed us. 

Week 2  Kayla - for an amazing attitude to work in year 6, for 100% effort in assessments and been ready to learn everyday. 

Week 1   Daniel - for rising to the maths challenges set all week.


Autumn 1

Week 6   Martha -for looking after those around her in lessons as well as working fabulously in her own work.  

Week 5   Ruby - for helping everyone in class with her computing work - she understood how to use different programs at the same time. 

Week 4   Heather - for helping her friend when she was struggling with her maths, teaching her a strategy - all within her own time. 

Week 3   Billy - for helping other children in maths with a mature attitude. 

Week 2   Siobhan - for always been ready to help anyone in school, she needs a need and goes for it. 

Week 1    Lewis and Isobel - for instantly helping to clean whiteboards so everyone had amazing resources to use. 


Each week the children will be given spellings from the expected word list and either maths, Gaps or both to complete in their books. Children also have their mission homework to complete if they want to. 

Wk beg 22nd

Spelling for a quiz on Friday 26th and Page 18/19 of your maths books on adding and subtracting fractions. 

What we've been doing this week

!Wk beg 15th October

An amazing week in Oak, in literacy we have used songs as our inspiration for poetry (David Bowie was a big hit!) In maths, our brains have been challenged with adding and subtracting mixed number and improper fractions. We have also looked in greater depth at life about the International Space Station. 

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