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Recommended Reading List

Please see the below recommended reading lists for your children. 

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Half Term Information Sheet

 Please see the below Half Term Information Sheet, which contains general information about Autumn Term 1.

Special Mentions

 Week 1

This week Special Mention has been given to...Sycamore Class! Every member of the class has brought an amazing attitude to their first week at school and to our new class. The children have worked hard across all lessons and produced some lovely work. Well done Sycamore - let's keep up the great attitude and work!

Week 2

It has been difficult to choose Sycamore's Special Mention this week, as there has been such wonderful work produced by all children in the class across our various subjects, alongside some lovely pieces of homework brought into class. The children have displayed great learning attitudes - well done Sycamore.

However, I'm pleased to award Sycamore's second Special Mention to Kera. Kera has worked really hard and has produced some super work, both on her own and in a group. Kera's character description in Mission English was excellent, including some lovely adjectives. Well done Kera!

Week 3

I'm happy to say the children made our job of choosing Special Mention very hard this week, as there has been brilliant work produced in class and also some super homework brought into class.

This week's Special Mention goes to Jen for her great attitude to learning. Jen has worked consistently hard across all lessons producing some great work. Jen also brought into school two lovely pieces of space art work, as part of her homework. Well done Jen!


Week 1

This week CHAS has been given to Rosie. Rosie has shown great kindness by helping other members of the class and teaching staff. Rosie has also worked really hard to share her ideas with the class. Rosie was especially kind when she worked with and helped another member of the class to complete the 'Get to know your class' activity. Well done Rosie!

The classroom has been filled with CHAS and kindness by all members of the class this week. Again, well done Sycamore - let's work together to maintain a CHAS classroom. 

Week 2

Sycamore's second CHAS has been given to Freddie. Freddie has shown great kindness this week - this has been both inside and outside the classroom. Freddie has volunteered support to different members of the class in a number of lessons this week, especially showing CHAS qualities in Mission Geography and PE. Well done Freddie!

Again, Sycamore's classroom has been filled with many acts of kindness,  which is an absolute joy to see. Well done Sycamore - let's continue our CHAS attitude, promoting kindness in our classroom. 

Week 3

This week's CHAS has been given to Ethan. Ethan consistently displays lovely manners and is a very helpful member of the class. Ethan offers his help to other members of the class and also to teaching staff both in class and around school. Well done Ethan!

Choosing CHAS was also difficult this week, as there are so many helpful members of the class, with many acts of kindness being seen throughout our Week 3. Well done Sycamore - let's continue working together to promote a CHAS classroom.


Please see the below Homework Booklet for information about the various homework activities for Autumn 1 half term. 

Some lovely pieces of homework have already been brought into class, which have been shared with the class, and are on display within our classroom. Keep up the great work Sycamore! 

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