Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Acorn Class

Teacher:  Miss J Hardy

email:  hardy@whitley.n-yorks


Summer Resources 

Suggested practical activities to enjoy throughout the summer.

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Here is a list of useful websites to help children continue with their learning during the summer ready for their transition into Year One in September.

 Websites for summer learning.pdfDownload
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Goodbye and Good Luck to Acorn Class.

We would like to share a couple of special tokens with our much loved and much missed Acorn Class children before we say goodbye and they continue their learning journey in Year One.

 Word Art.jpegDownload
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 Dear Acorn Class.pdfDownload
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A few summer resources for the last week of school.

 Create a postcard activity.pdfDownload
 Lined - Landscape.pdfDownload
 Number Matching Pegs Summer Themed.pdfDownload
 Pack a Suitcase Cut and Stick Activity.pdfDownload
 Paper Plate Sun Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 Poster Instructions.pdfDownload
 Seaside Can You Find it Poster A4.pdfDownload
 Summer Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Summer Dot to Dots.pdfDownload
 Summer Pairs Matching Game.pdfDownload
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Transition activities into Year One - Elm and Pine Classes

It would be lovely to find out a bit more about you all as you make the move from reception to year one.

Why not try  the transition activities below? We would love to read about your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Miss Hardy (PIne Class

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Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1              (captial P)

To join Acorn class click the plus in the top right corner (join) and then type in the class code -->  ovzd5t6

Useful links

 Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons.pdfDownload
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 Useful links for home learning (1).pdfDownload
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Working from home pack - we will continue to upload new activities periodically so please keep checking for one you have not completed.


Summer themed activities

 Butterfly Template.pdfDownload
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Father's Day activities 

Here are some terrific activities you could try to get ready for Father's Day on Sunday 21st June 2020. Please feel free to follow your own ideas too and perhaps share them on our Google classroom. 

 Card Speech Bubble.pdfDownload
 Craft Instruction.pdfDownload
 t-t-2547741a-fathers-day-superhero-dad-medal-colouring-pages-super-eco-black-and-white (1).pdfDownload
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Maths Activities

Counting in 10s

 Season Path Missing Number Counting in 10's.pdfDownload
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Money activities

These activities include coin recognition and counting in 10ps.

An ideal way to explore money would be to set up a role play shop with appropriate price tags for your child and allow them to shop or be the shop keeper using real coins. Begin with exact amounts and totals first of all e.g. using 1 penny pieces up to 10p and then when secure with this, extend using 2ps and 1ps to create totals. Introduce the other coins if this is appropriate. When your child is secure with totalling, you could introduce the idea of change.

 Coin Cut-Outs Lower Ability.pdfDownload
 Coin Cut-outs.pdfDownload
 Coin Recognition Activity Lower Ability.pdfDownload
 Coin Recognition Activity.pdfDownload
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Phonics Activities

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Writing Activities

Here are some pirate themed writing activities. Again it would be amazing if the children created their own writing e.g. labelling a treasure map or picture, writing pirate facts or creating a pirate story.

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Handwriting Activities

 au-l-787j-letter-families-and-cvc-words-handwriting-activity-sheets-continuous-cursive_ver_3 (4).pdfDownload
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Pirate themed activities.

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Maths Activities  - Counting in 2s and odd and even

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Phonics Activities

 Phase 3 Tricky Words Make Read Write Activity Mats.pdfDownload
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Writing tasks

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Handwriting tasks

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Space themed learning activities and ideas.

 Cardboard Tube Rocket.pdfDownload
 Hand and Foot Print Aliens.pdfDownload
 I Spy and Add B&W.pdfDownload
 I Spy and Add Checklist B&W.pdfDownload
 Paper Plate Flying Saucer.pdfDownload
 Phases of the Moon Display Photos.pdfDownload
 Science Experiment.pdfDownload
 Space Themed Printing Picture.pdfDownload
 Space Word Mat Without Pluto - Precursive.pdfDownload
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Superheroes themed learning activities.

Lots of exciting activities for you to try, including superhero science (adult required) and making your own Superhero smoothies.

Have fun! Miss Hardy

 Science Experiment.pdfDownload
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Outdoor Learning Activity ideas. 

Have some fun outdoors - Miss Hardy

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Get active with a virtual mountain bike ride!

All you need is a chair. Have fun! I know I did. Miss Hardy

Just click on the following link. No username or password required.



Mini-beast themed Activity Ideas

Have some fun with mini-beasts! Perhaps you could use the checklist to go on a mini-beast hunt or make your own wormery.
There are lots of craft activities and also science, maths, reading and writing ideas for you to try.
Miss Hardy

 Minibeast Find Colour and Count Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Minibeast Hunt Cutting Skills Activity.pdfDownload
 Minibeast Picture Simple Sentence Writing Frames.pdfDownload
 Science Experiment.pdfDownload
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  1. Julia Donaldson Home Learning Activities.
    Here is the link to the Scholastic website, where you will find several home learning packs based upon some of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's most popular children's books.
    You will need to create a free account to download the packs. Enjoy!

Acorn Class - weekly maths ideas.

Here is a link to maths home learning via the white rose maths website. The activities are linked to different books but there is no requirement for you to have the books. The stories included here are Supertato, The Very Hungry caterpillar and The Night Pirates. Miss Hardy

Staying Home - a story to share

Here is a story about 'Staying Home' to share with your children about our current situation with corona virus. This is of course entirely optional. Adults please read the story first before sharing it so that you can anticipate any questions that may arise. I hope this helps. Miss Hardy

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Science Fun at Home - adult required.

Here are some exciting science activities to try at home with your grown-up. 

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Acorn Class VE Day resources - Prepare to celebrate! Hope this helps from Miss Hardy

This VE Day Resource Pack is full of resources that are great for younger children to find out about VE Day and its importance. There is everything you need in this pack, such as Union Jack bunting, colouring pages, writing borders, wartime recipe booklet, medal designing and fun glider crafts, to inspire children to explore the history behind VE day.

What is VE Day? 

VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, is celebrated on the 8th of May to celebrate the day towards the end of the Second World War when the fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. It continues to be celebrated in a variety of ways, such as street or house parties with red, white and blue themes.

 Design a Medal.pdfDownload
 Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft.pdfDownload
 Union Jack Page Border Half Lined.pdfDownload
 Union Jack Template Display Bunting.pdfDownload
 VE Day Colouring Page.pdfDownload
 VE Day Display Bunting.pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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Suggested Early years daily routine and activity ideas.

If you would like to try sticking to a more structured routine while your child is home from school, then here are some ideas to get you started. Bear in mind that these are just some helpful ideas, every child is different – the key to success is being flexible and finding a routine that works for you. Remember, play is still the most valuable thing you can do with your children and children will be constantly learning while they play. 

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More home learning activities which do not require a printer - especially for Early Years. Hope this helps. From Miss Hardy 

 Early Years Download - Spring into Spring.pdfDownload
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Why not colour a rainbow for the NHS? 

 Colour the NHS With a Rainbow Lined (2).pdfDownload
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More home learning ideas for after the Easter break.  Lots of the activities have a dinosaur theme.

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Science Experiments with a dinosaur theme.

 Science Experiment.pdfDownload
 science experiment.pdfDownload
 Science Experiment.pdfDownload
 Volcano Cone.pdfDownload
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Ideas for exploring capacity at home.

 Ocean Sensory Bottle.pdfDownload
 Popcorn Capacity Sensory Bottle.pdfDownload
 Recipe for How to Dye Pasta and Rice Bright Colours.pdfDownload
 Sensory Bin.pdfDownload
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Why not try some super craft activities at home?

 Daffodil Template.pdfDownload
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Ideas for continued home learning activities, including many which do not require a printer. I hope this is helpful. Miss Hardy

Here are lots of fun indoor activity ideas for you to try at home. Let me know how you get on via Google classroom. Miss Hardy

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 Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20.pdfDownload
 Easter Holidays Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Easter Home Learning Challenge Sheet Nursery FS1.pdfDownload
 Easter Home Learning Challenges Reception FS2.pdfDownload
 Finds One More or One Less Than.pdfDownload
 Solving Problems - Doubling.pdfDownload
 Solving Problems - Halving.pdfDownload
 Solving Problems - Sharing.pdfDownload
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 Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 CK E U R H B Read and Race Game.pdfDownload
 Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity.pdfDownload
 CVC Word Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Make an Emoji Face Cutting Skills Activity.pdfDownload
 Paper Plate Pet Craft Activity.pdfDownload
 Phase 2 Phonics Rhyming String Cards.pdfDownload
 Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
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 You Tube links to stories to support activity sheets.docxDownload
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 Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity.pdfDownload
 CK E U R H B Read and Race Game.pdfDownload
 CVC Word Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 I Spy.pdfDownload
 Paper Plate Pet Craft Activity.pdfDownload
 Phase 2 Phonics Rhyming String Cards.pdfDownload
 Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
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Half Term Information Sheet


 Spring 1 newsletter 2020.docDownload
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 Autumn 2 2019 newsletter.docDownload
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Special Mention

Summer 1 2020

3rd July 2020    

                            Lillianne - Our first Special mention this week goes to Lillianne for her super progress in reading. Lillianne showed a fantastic understanding of the story,                                                 and read with real expression and empathy for the main character (Floppy). Well done Lillianne, we are very proud.

                              Immy - Our second SM goes to Immy for continuing to work on her spellings even though sometimes they can feel quite tricky. We are proud that you                                                are still trying to give them your best shot Immy, this shows perseverance and determination. Keep going, you are doing a great job.

26th June 2020 

                              Ava - Ava has impressed her teachers this week with her 'Jellyfish maths' activity where she confidently ordered the jellyfish's numbered tentacles to                                               twenty, and drew the correct amount of circles on each. Ava has also shown an all round lovely attitude to her learning. Well done Ava. 

                             Harley - Our second Special Mention goes to Harley for his volcano science experiment. Not only did Harley make decisions about how he was going to                                               carry out his experiment, he chose to write about it too. A huge well done Harley. 

19th June 2020  

                                 Nevaeh -  for her brilliant effort with her phonics work this week. Nevaeh has been independently sounding out and blending a range of words, and                                       showing real enjoyment and pride when doing so. She has also written some fabulous sentences which have made her teachers very proud. Well                                           done Nevaeh.
                                Oliver  - for his fantastic work on plants this week, and in particular his new Venus fly trap. Oliver has looked very carefully at the root systems of his                                          plants, and showed real fascination when learning about them. Oliver has also been working very hard on his reading which really shows in the                                                progress that he has made. Super work Oliver, well done. 

12th June 2020 - Acorn Class Special mentions - as chosen by Miss Hardy, Miss Rice and Miss Kellet
                                 Heidi - Our first Special Mention this week goes to Heidi for her amazing 'Under the Sea' work. Heidi independently produced the most amazing piece                                   of writing all about lobsters, using her fabulous phonics and blowing Mrs Moore away! Heidi then went on to create a beautiful collage of different sea                                   creatures using a range of different materials. A huge well done to you Heidi.

                                 Isla - Our second Special Mention goes to Isla for taking part in a jumping competition ran by North Yorkshire Sport. Not only did Isla have lots of fun                                     whilst competing, but she actually won by coming first in her age category! We are so proud of you Isla, and hope that you are still wearing your                                             medal  with pride!

                                 Clayton - Our third Special Mention goes to Clayton for his fantastic pencil control work this week. Clayton has worked very hard to improve in this                                         area, and this has really shown in all of the independent work that he has been eager to do. We are all so impressed with your attitude to your learning                                  Clayton, and very proud of you. Very well done.  

CHAS awarded for Caring, Helping and Sharing.

Summer 1 2020

3rd July 2020 - Lily - CHAS goes to Lily this week for encouraging her friend to try an activity when they were struggling with it. Lily showed the characteristics of a                                      true friend, and gave advice as to how her friend should approach the task. A huge well done to you Lily.

26th June 2020 - This week CHAS is awarded to everyone who has taken part in our Creative Arts week project . We have seen some fantastic examples of upcycling,                                     creative artwork using natural materials and repurposing of recyclable materials. We have also had some terrific photographs, animations and videos                                     aimed at encouraging others to save precious resources and look after our beautiful planet.  Well done everyone! We are very proud of you all.

19th June 2020 - Joey - for sharing the happy news with everyone about his Auntie Steffy having a baby girl, called Jessica and for showing he cares by making his                                                      very own super  'Congratulations' card. Well done Joey!

12th June 2020 - Elara - Chas this week goes to Elara for taking extra special care of some caterpillars at home. Elara initially gave them the food that they needed to                                       grow big enough to start to form a cocoon, and has since been looking after them, watching them carefully and providing regular updates to her                                             teachers and the rest of Acorn Class on their growth and progress. Thank you Elara, we are so excited to hear about the next stage in their                                                       development.

5th June 2020 - Abigail - Chas this week goes to Abigail, who has shown real care for the plants she has been growing at home. Abi has nurtured a pea plant from a                                        tiny seed and it is now growing big and strong. She is also growing a sunflower and keeping a diary to record it's growth. Well done Abigail, I am sure                                      there will be lots of wildlife who will love your plants as much as we do.

15th May 2020 - Dylan for helping his Mummy to care for a young bird who had fallen from it's nest. As well as looking after the baby bird, (cleaning and feeding him),                                      Dylan has also made fat balls for the other birds in and around his garden to eat. Dylan has also produced some beautiful work linked to his new little                                    friend. Thank you for being so caring and kind Dylan, we are very proud of you. 

Autumn Term 2019

A walk in the school woodland to discover all about our environment and the changes happening there in Autumn.

In Acorn Class, we shared the story of 'How the Bear Lost his Tail'. Unfortunately, the bear lost his tail trying to get some fish to eat from the icy water. The bear asked the children if they could help him by thinking of ways to free the fish from the ice. The children were only too happy to help the bear. They thought of different ideas and then tested them out. Here you can see the children testing out and observing their idea of putting the fish stuck in the ice into a bowl of warm water. They were so excited to see the fish escape from the ice. The bear will be so pleased.

Spring Term 2020

Book Themes


Spring 1 term, the children have shown a great interest in jungle animals.

We have focused on the following books in class, as well as sharing other stories, poems and non-fiction titles with a jungle theme.

The Lion who wanted to Love - Giles Andreae

Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae

Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae 

The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles

Stinky by Ian Whybrow

Acorn Class enjoyed a tennis lesson by a coach from Goole Tennis club.


Acorn Class were invited to share in India Day by Elm and Cherry classes. We were all welcomed into the hall by colourful Rangoli patterns and given an extra warm welcome with a Bindi mark on our forehead if we wanted one. Elm and Cherry classes shared their models of the Taj Mahal and written facts about India. We were invited to taste chapatis and chai tea made by the children and finally we were treated to a Bollywood dance show by both classes. When we returned to our classroom we found out about the Hindu festival of Holi as we knew that Elm and cherry classes would be celebrating the end of their mission about India by throwing special coloured powder at each other.


Acorn Class were invited to see the new born lambs by Mr and Mrs Fozzard of School Farm next door.