Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Welcome to Elm Class (Yr  1)

Teacher:  Miss J Donnelly

email:  jdonnelly@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Summer Resources 

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1              (captial P)

To join Elm class click the plus in the top right corner (join) and then type in the class code -->  agc4c5d

Useful Links

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Transition documents for Acorns moving up to Elm:

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Spelling cards: 

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Past Planning

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Parent's Information Letter

Phonic activities and support

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How can you help at home?

We often get asked this question.  One of the most useful and rewarding things you can do with your child at home is to read, read, read!!! 

Click on the link to read a booklet with lots of ideas that can make reading at home more fun and includes top tips on how to make the reading experience you have with your child really effective!


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Websites to use at home!


The free area of the PhonicsPlay website is filled with free interactive games and much more. There are many idea to support teaching phonics and advice for parents in helping their children learn to read.



Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website packed
with expert advice, top tips, eBooks and activities to help
you support your child's reading and maths at home. Also 250 free e-books when you register.



253 free educational interactive teaching resources and activities for Primary Schools. 77 free to use fun kids games/activities for kids aged 4 - 11. 165 plus links to free interactive teaching activities, educational games, image and software resources.


Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children, with great online reading games and activities. Your children can start reading now – just click the ‘free trial’ button to get started!


ICT games has a range of phonics based games that are fun and interactive for children. They show clear objectives for each game and also have free printable materials.

Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: 


Recommended Reading list

 Children's Reading Book List KS1 Yr 1,2 (5 -7 yrs).pdfDownload
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This half term's Special Mention


This half term's CHAS




We have had a visitor today from the National Emergency Museum this term. We learnt all about the Great Fire of London and tried on some costumes that the soldiers wore in those times. We ended the day with a sit inside a fire engine. We learnt how good the fire service is now and got to look at all the equipment that they use. 

We had lots of fun on Number day! We have done lots of activities inside and outside the classroom. The children have made their own numicon crowns and played lots of games. We used our knowledge of the part-whole model to partition numbers to 50 on the play ground. The children used a stick to represent a ten and pine cones to represent the ones. We had a ten minute challenge to see how long we could make our number line! 

We have a wonderful India day! The children got to show all their work to the whole school! We made chapatis, rangoli, Taj Mahal, India Booklets and a Bollywood dance. 

What we've been doing this week

 In maths we have moved on to place value within 50. The children have been introduced to the base ten resources and are exploring how to partition two-digit numbers. We are building our skills to be able to represent numbers and refreshing our number bonds to 10. 

In English are starting to learn how to write and follow simple instructions. We are writing our own instructions on how to make a chapati. We will be making and cooking them next week to give them a taste test. 

We have started our new mission all about India. The children have been on an observational walk of the school grounds and looked at physical features of the environment. We are comparing England to India and looking at any similarities. In science we have been learning about different animals in India and what group they belong to. 

We have a visitor this week to teach us some basic tennis skills. The children learnt how to catch foam balls and balance them on their rackets. 

We have completed our class assembly and presented our work to the school. The children did very well and enjoyed showing off all their hard work on India. 

We are preparing for our India day next week! We will be tasting different foods and trying chai tea. The children will put on an exhibition for the whole school and be showing all their word. We will be ending our day with a colour throw, something that is done during the Holi Festival in India.  

Wow moments!

 We really enjoyed our first outdoor classroom experience. We got to make magic wands to help keep our woodland safe!