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Teacher:  Miss L Frier

email:  frier@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Summer Resources 

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1              (captial P)

To join Cherry class click the plus in the top right corner (join) and then type in the class code -->  bx43bhg

Useful Links

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Working from home pack - we will continue to upload new activities periodically so please keep checking for one you have not completed.

II will be periodically adding more as we move through the weeks. Any questions you have regarding the work please feel free to email me.

As always we would encourage children to read as much as possible, practice times tables and spelling cards. Copies of these are all attached below. There is also a spelling activity document with different activities for your child to do to practice their spellings. I have also added reading comprehension tasks and grammar hammer practice sheets along with a handwriting practice booklet. Below on the page are free phonics lessons, a phonics video for parents and a recommended reading list of books along with questions to ask your child whilst reading with them to develop all of their reading skills not just their decoding of words. There are past KS1 SATs papers below for you  to look and use if you wish.

All work is of age related for year 2 children working at the national expected standard. Apart from some of the reading comprehensions which are differentiated and Maths challenges on the extension tasks. They have stars on the stating either 'D' 'E' or 'GD' these stand for developing, emerging and great depth in line with national standard. The developing ones being of a level below national standard, E of national standard and GC above national standard level.

Any research/writing that is done is welcomed to be brought in when we go back to school for me to look at/to be shown to the class. Children can also contact me for anything, to check in, let me know what they have been doing, pictures of work on Cherry class page on Google Classroom.

We would also encourage children to access the websites provided on the main page on the website. The only ones that require log ins from school are TimesTables Rockstars and Purple Mash. These were sent out at the start of the year however if you require a copy please feel free to email my on my email address above. 

If you require any assistance with any of the work, I am here to help during this difficult time so again please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help with anything I can.

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Extension tasks

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Past SATs practice papers

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Writing Genre Feature Checklists

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Practical Learning Ideas

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Handwriting Practice Booklet

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Reading Comprehension

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 All about Dinosaurs.pdfDownload
 Camping trip.pdfDownload
 Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret.pdfDownload
 Layers of the Ocean.pdfDownload
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Grammar Hammer

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Termly Curriculum Overview

Past Planning

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Phonics help for parents

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Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: 



If your child was in Miss Donnelly's phonics group (the children will know who they are) they have a log in to 'Teach your monster how to read' which is a fantastic game for phonics learning.

If your child is in this group and you would like their log in, please feel free to email me and I will send it over for you.

This is the link to the website- https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/

Recommended Reading List and reading questions

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 Recommended reading list Yr 3.pdfDownload
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 KS1 reading questions .pdfDownload
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Spelling Cards and Times Tables Cards

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 1- Red Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 2- Yellow Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 3- Pink Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 4- Green Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 5- Blue Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 6- Orange Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 7- Purple Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
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 x table Challenge 2017 (12) peach.docxDownload
 x table Challenge 2017 (2)Red.docxDownload
 x table Challenge 2017 (3) green.docxDownload
 x table Challenge 2017 (4) blue.docxDownload
 x table Challenge 2017 (5) pink.docxDownload
 x table Challenge 2017 (6) orange.docxDownload
 x table challenge 2017 (7) purple.docxDownload
 x table Challenge 2017 (8) white.docxDownload
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Year 2 Information

All the objectives in the information below will be worked on throughout the year. Any extra support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these is greatly valued and will help with their SATs in the summer.

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Half Term Information Sheet

Please find below the Spring 2 Information Sheet for parents/carers, which contains general information about the year and Spring 2 Term.

Homework Booklet

Please find below the Homework Booklet for Spring Term 2. The home learning activities are linked to the areas we are focusing on in class, and have been carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects.


Special Mentions and CHAS

Every Friday we come together as a school to celebrate the children's hard work across our school; we do this by awarding one (on exception more than one), child per class Special Mention, and one child per class CHAS recognition.

During our celebration assembly we also celebrate weekly birthdays and award the winning classes with the Eco and Attendance awards. Additionally, children have the opportunity to try their spellings and/or times tables to be able to progress to the next level in spellings and/or times tables in school. 

The weekly Special Mention and CHAS for Cherry class is be recorded below.


This Half Term's Special Mention:


Spring 2 - 

Week 1 - Sophie got a special mention this week for her fantastic Mission Geography work. She created a collage model of the United Kingdom and labelled where eat of the 4 countries are.

Week 2 - This weeks special mention went to Delilah for doing so fantastic with her reading and reading some really tricky words.


Spring 1 -

Week 1 - Izzy got a special mention this week for her amazing Maths work. She gave me beautiful explanations of why certain numbers need to go in certain places in a number sentence when adding and subtracting.

Week 2 - This weeks special mention goes to Sammy for being so resilient this week, trying really hard to not give up when things are difficult 

Week 3 - Delilah got a special mention this week for being an absolute superstar reader. Delilah has come on leaps and bounds with her reading which is so lovely to see!

Week 4 - Erin got a special mention this week for her amazing questioning. In all lessons Erin has asked really mature questions to help deepen her knowledge!

Week 5 - Bentley got a special mention this week for trying so hard with his Maths. I've have seen such a big improvement with his Maths work which is fantastic.

Week 6 - This weeks special mention goes to Jacob for always setting such a great example to other children and putting 100% in to whatever he does


Autumn 2 -

Week 1 - The first special mention of this half term goes to Leonor. Leonor joined Cherry class at the start of this half term and has settled in so well and been so hardworking, polite and kind, she is a credit to Cherry class.

Week 2 - This weeks special mention went to Emilia for really improving her presentation this week. She has been working hard on making her handwriting neater and I have seen such a big difference , well done Emilia!

Week 3 - Amelia got a special mention for trying so hard in her Maths this week. She has been doing some really tricky work but hasn't given up and has put 100% effort in, well done Amelia!

Week 4 - This weeks special mention has gone to Charlie for his amazing Mission science work creating an informative poster using so many amazing science key words. Charlie could explain exactly what each of the words meant too. This work is now up on display outside Miss Langridge's office!

Week 5 - Jakub Gawin got a special mention for always trying so hard in his work. Jakub never gives up even when the work is quite tricky. Well done Jakub!

Week 6 - N/A

Week 7 - Rosie got the last special mention of the half term for her amazing descriptive writing about the setting in The Jolly Christmas Postman and the illustration she did to go with the piece. The best piece of writing you have done this year Rosie well done!


Autumn 1 -

Week 1 - The first special mention of this half term went to Marcus for trying so hard with his Maths this week and always having a smile on his face. Well done Marcus!

Week 2 - This weeks special mention went to Erin for her fantastic writing in English this week. She used some amazing adjectives to describe her senses.

Week 3 - Special mention this week went to Greyson and that was for helping me with making corrections and improving my sentence. Greyson told the whole class that a spelling was incorrect as there were two types of see/sea and told me how to spell the correct one!

Week 4 - Sophie and Elsie-Mae both got a special mention this work for their fantastic progress in their phonics! They absolutely blew me and Miss Wheeler away, well done girls. 

Week 5 - Alice got a special mention this week for her fantastic Phonics work. Every day Alice is a super sounder and always shows such enthusiasm and tries so hard! Well done Alice

Week 6 - Darcie got a special mention for this week for having an amazing week in Cherry class. She has settled in so well, working on a table with all the other children and trying so hard in every lesson, well done Darcie, I am very proud!

Week 7 - George got a special mention for really trying hard this week to make the right choices like not sitting next to people he might be get distracted by on the carpet, walking away from situations that might have lead to a falling out. You have been very grown up and your behaviour has been fantastic George, well done!

Week 8 - Georgia got a special mention for always setting such a great example to other children. We had Leonor start her first day with us and Georgia did such an amazing job of taking care of her and making her feel welcome. 


This Half Term's CHAS:


Spring 2 - 

Week 1 - CHAS went home with Leonor for the week. Leonor is always so kind to others and she will always help anyone who needs it without being asked or doing it for a reward. You set a fantastic example Leonor, well done!

Week 2 - Amelia got CHAS this week for always being such a fantastic member of our class. Amelia always has a big smile on her face, always tries her hardest and always so kind to other children, Well done Amelia!


Spring 1 -

Week 1 - Although Isaac had already had CHAS he got to take CHAS home for a second time as he was so kind to someone who was upset coming in to school in our class and even asked their mum if they wanted him to take them in to the classroom and look after them.

Week 2 - CHAS went home with James for being so kind and caring especially towards a child who was upset in our class. He came straight over to them put his arm round them and asked if they were ok.

Week 3 - CHAS has gone home with Maia this week and this is for being such a great friend. She has been so kind to others and really helpful, well done Maia! Keep up the hard work.

Week 4 - Emilia took CHAS home this week for always being such a kind and caring person. Emilia is such a good friend, always does what is asked of her and nothing is ever too much. Well done Emilia, very well deserved!

Week 5 -  Riley got to take CHAS home this week for always being such a good friend and always offering to play with someone if they are on their own. Well done Riley!

Week 6 - Alice got to take home CHAS for the holidays for always being so caring, helping and sharing 100% of the time.

Autumn 2-

Week 1 - Emma got to take CHAS home for the week for being such a kind friend to Phoebe this week. Emma has tried really hard this week to be a caring and kind friend, well done Emma! 

Week 2 - CHAS went home with Isaac this week for always being so caring towards others and always being so kind and helpful. You set a fantastic example to others Isaac!

Week 3 - Bentley got CHAS this week for being so kind to his little sister and taking his own hat off and giving it to her when she was cold. He also held the door open for the younger children to help them when leaving the dining hall

Week 4 - Darcie got to take CHAS home for being so kind and caring towards Alice and looking after he when she was upset.

Week 5 - Delilah got a CHAS this week for always being such a kind and caring friend towards all other children. Well done Delilah!

Week 6 - N/A

Week 7 - Emma got to take home CHAS for half term. Emma has already had CHAS this half term but we could not not give it to her after this kind gesture. Someone was upset as they Missed out on getting some of Emma's birthday cake so Emma came in the next day and brought them something in to make them feel better. How very kind Emma!


Autumn 1 - 

Week 1 - CHAS went home with Phoebe for the weekend as Phoebe had settles in to year 2 so well. She has been listening so carefully! Keep up the great work.

Week 2 - Jack got to take CHAS home for the week for being so kind and helping Phoebe read out the names on the jacket potato stickers and made sure she knew he was just helping her read them and she could still hand them out. Fantastic team work Jack!

Week 3 - This week CHAS has gone home with George and that is because George has been so helpful and kind to his classmates this week, asking if they need any help and doing jobs/tidying up without even being asked to! Well done George!

Week 4 - CHAS has gone home with Jacob Jones for being so kind to his classmates. Greyson wasn't feeling too well and Jacob went straight over to him and asked if he was ok and asked if he could help carry his bag for him. This was so kind Jacob and really made me smile, well done!

Week 5 - Georgia gets to take CHAS home this week for always being such a kind and helpful member of our class. Georgia always thinks of others and sets a fantastic example.

Week 6 - CHAS has gone home with Elsie-Mae because Elsie has been so kind and caring towards other children, she has helped others when they have needed even without being asked which has been so amazing to see. Well done Elsie!

Week 7 - Noah is taking CHAS home this week and that is for being so kind and caring towards his classmates and helping someone in our class assembly when they forgot their line.

Week 8 - Roma got to take CHAS home for the holidays for always being such a great example of a CHAS person. She is always caring, helping and sharing and could get CHAS every week. Well done Roma!


This Half Term's awards:


Spring 1 -

Star reader - Maia

Presentation - Emilia


Autumn 2-

Star reader - Rosie

Presentation - Alice

Phonics - Amelia


Autumn 1 - 

Star reader - Elsie-Mae

Presentation - Jack

Phonics - Alice

What we have been doing this half term


Spring 2 -

On world book day we looked at nursery rhymes. We discussed what made nursery rhymes different to other texts and discussed the rhythm in which we say them. We then practised saying them in different rhythms and added instruments as sound effects to go with suitable words. We had to select from a range of instruments and select words from the nursery rhymes that we thought would work well together. We also added in some actions and performed them to the rest of the class. We gave each other feedback; something we loved about the performance and something we could do to make it even more amazing. We then took the feedback on board and altered a few things before our final performance which was recorded by Miss Frier.


In Mission History we have been learning about the great fire of London. We have sequenced the significant events in chronological order. We then used this to create our own timeline of the events that occurred over the 4 days that the great fire of London lasted.


In Maths we have been doing multiplication and division. We have looked at multiplication through pictures, making equal groups, sharing through equal groups, using arrays and lots of other methods.


Spring 1 -

In whole class reading we have been reading The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark. We have created posters reviewing and unpicking the story we had read. We look at the characters, the meaning of the story and summarised what happened. We also came up with questions for the author.


At the start of the half term we had a special visitor Mrs Waite who showed us everything from her trip to India from the people there, traditional wear and photographs.

In Mission music we have been listening to recorded music and have been learning how to play the recorder. We have learnt the notes A and B and can play this in unison to music. We have begun learning to play a very familiar tune on the recorders - Baby shark, using these notes


In Mission Science we have been learning about food chains. We understand that in a food chain there is a producer and consumer. We understand that some animals are herbivores, some are carnivores and some are omnivores. We made some food chain posters to show what we have learnt.


In Maths we have been looking at money and have been buying items from the Cherrymart to help us learn how to add items together and find change from different amounts . We have moved on to multiplication recognising and making equal groups.


In Mission art we have been sketching the Taj Mahal. We have studied pictures and paintings of the building looking at the specific detail. We have been looking at different sketching pencils and selecting the most appropriate ones to use for the different parts of the building.

In Mission art we have also been looking at Indian artist S.H Raza. He uses the theory of bindu which relates to dots, circles and corners. We created our own piece of artwork based on his using rich colours and watercolours just like he did.


In Mission History we have been learning all about Mother Teresa. We created a fact file about her and why she is so significant even still in life today. 


n Mission Geography we have looked at aerial view maps of our school and its surrounding area and a school in India and surrounding area. We picked out the different physical and human features we could see and any familiar landmarks we knew were in our local area. We then devised our own map plotting on the key features and landmarks and created our own key identifying river, green areas and roads.   

In Mission Geography we have been learning about human and physical geography features. We understand what the difference is, can name examples and can compare the similarities and differences of human and physical features of places in England and places in India


We did a cook along in class and have made chapatis with a traditional raita dip.


In Mission English we have been looking at traditional tales. We looked and compared traditional tales that we know in England and those in India. We read the traditional Indian tale of the Clever rabbit and the foolish lion. We wrote alternative endings for the traditional tales.


In PE we have learnt a Bangra dance to Jai ho which we performed to the whole school.

We also had someone come in and do a tennis workshop with us teaching us the skills to hold a racket correctly and improve our hand-eye co-ordination.

Mrs Tate very kindly brought in Roma's 4 baby rabbits to share with the rest of the class. The children absolutely loved holding the rabbits and were so careful and gentle with them. A massive thanks to Mrs Tate for bringing them in!


Our India day was a huge success. we got to share all of the work we had been doing over the half term with the rest of the school with our India exhibitions. We shared our work, wore traditional dress, severed chapatis and chai tea, did henna and performed our Bangra dance. We then went outside and threw powder as part of our own Holi festival/celebration. We even got featured in 2 NEWSPAPERS!! It was a fantastic day and a fantastic way to celebrate all of our hard work this half term.

Autumn 2 - 

In Maths we have moved on from place value and have been looking at addition and subtractions. We used base 10 and a place value board to help us add numbers together, we then moved on to applying these skills to use a formal written method of column addition. We know how to exchange tens and ones and why we do this when a number crosses over in to the next place value. We used concrete objects to help us subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number and base 10 to subtract a 1-digit number and then a 2-digit number from another 2-digit number. We then moved on to using visual aids such as a number line to help us count on and backwards. We have been using the ‘frog’ method to help us find the difference between two numbers. We are now going to apply these skills to problem solving questions and look at the inverse and whether these two operations are commutative or not.


In English we have been looking at SPaG and learning about apostrophes, inverted commas, compound words and conjunctions. We have been writing riddles about the changes that happen in the different seasons and about animals and their habitats. We have moved on to looking at the story of 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and have realised there isn't a lot of description about the setting so it is hard for us as the reader to imagine where The Jolly Christmas Postman is so we are going to write a descriptive piece of writing about the setting of where he is to help create an image for the reader. We are going to include lots of grammar that we have been learning about in SPaG.


In Mission Science and Geography we have been looking at: Seasonal change in the UK- We can explain the key changes that occur during each season and can compare them. The hot and cold points of the earth relating to the north/south pole and the equator and animals and their habitats and how they are adapted. We have learnt new knew words and understand what they mean such as: habitat, extinct, equator, living and adapted. We are able to sort and classify things depending on wether they are living, dead or never been alive.

In Mission Science we have been looking at animals and their habitats. Someone told us that there was a polar bear on the loose at Whitley and Eggborough school! We went to go find him but couldn’t see anything other than footprints and a mess he had left behind. After lots of discussion and ideas we decided the best way to help the polar bear back to his habitat was to create a poster for him to see. We discussed and planned what information we would need to find out and put on the poster to help him. We learnt about what a habitat is, where the polar bear’s habitat is and why a polar bear is better suited to the Arctic in the North Pole rather than Whitley and Eggborough including: its diet, how its body is adapted and the climate. We did a great job with our posters they were very informative and we received a letter from the polar bear thanking us for helping him back to his habitat.

In Mission Geography we have been learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We can describe what a continent is and locate where abouts in the world the continents and oceans are. We created world maps showing these. We also looked at what countries make up the United Kingdom and the capital cities of each of these countries. We drew a map of the United Kingdom showing where these are. We have even learnt 2 songs to help us remember the names of the continents and the oceans.


We learnt hockey skills in PE with the coach Jak this week and did gymnastics looking at travel in indoor PE. In gymnastics we have been looking at rolling and how to do this safely in order to travel. We have also been looking at balancing and have put these together in a sequence to perform to the rest of the class.


In Whole Class Reading we are readying 'The Owl Who Is Afraid Of The Dark' and have made some predictions about why we think the little owl 'Plop' might be afraid of the dark. We have explored why Plop the owl is afraid of the dark and why we think this might be surprising to most people. We have looked at the illustrations in the text and why they have been illustrated this way and why specific language has been used and what effect this has on the reader.


In phonics we have been looking at past and present tense and the rules and exception of the words that make something past or present tense.


It has been lovely having children in from Sycamore class to read their stories to us that they have written themselves. Cherry class listened so well and showed so much respect towards Sycamore.



Autumn 1 - 

In Maths we have been looking at place value. We are now confident with identifying the place value of a 3 digit number and can represent these numbers using equipment such as base 10. We have been hard at work practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

We are now confident in how to represent numbers in different ways including standard form, expanded form, model form as well as in numbers and words. We have now moved on to representing numbers on a number line and will soon be using everything we have learnt so far this year to solve problems using this knowledge.

We have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and have been solving problems using our place value knowledge.

We have been doing addition of two 1-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers using equipment and writing number sentences for these.


In English we are creating our own version of the story From Head to Toe by Eric Carle by adapting it to our senses instead of animals to fit in with our Mission, all about our senses and the human body.

We created some fantastic stories in the style of 'From head to Toe' and the children enjoyed sharing these with other classes. 

We have begun looking at acrostic poems and their features and are going to write our own about our senses.


In Mission we have been looking at what our senses are and how we use them. We have been looking at the human body and how we develop from babies in to fully grown adults. We have been looking at animals,  what they need in order to grow and how this differs from a human.

We have been looking at the different stages of development a human goes through such as child, adult and elderly and know what changed happen at these different stages in life. 

We had a fantastic lesson using our senses to do a blind tasting and smelling session, the classroom is still smelling of garlic but the children really loved it!

We have been looking at healthy living this week in our Mission lessons. We have learnt that we need the right amounts of the different food groups, 6-8 glasses of water, 1 hour of exercise and at least 8 hours of sleep every day to keep us healthy. We have been doing different activities such as creating fruit men, making our own healthy eating plates using Plasticine, creating healthy living posters to display in our classroom and around school to share our knowledge of how to stay healthy with others and will over the next couple of weeks be looking at exercise and what effect it has on our hearts and bodies.   

We have been looking at exercise and the effect it has on our body. We know how to measure our heart rate by finding our pulse and know that the unit of measurement is called 'beats per minute or bpm'. We can explain what happens to our heart rate and bodies after exercise and can record the results of before and after exercise.
We have created our own exercise diary that we can use and share with others to stay active and healthy.


We have been in the woodland collecting lots of materials and have been doing some autumn crafts using the materials we collected. We make hedgehogs out of clay and twigs, leaf people and apple painted pumpkins.


In Music we have looked at the story From Head to Toe by Eric Carle as a song and are in the process of learning it. Once we are confident with the lyrics we will be adding in actions and instruments.

We have added in actions and shakers and tubes to play to the rhythm of the song. We can't wait to share it with the rest of the school in our special mention assembly.


In PE we have been practising our handball skills and are looking at developing these further to apply within mini games.


We have had a lovely outdoor learning session with Mrs Driver talking and learning all things outdoor.


The boys and girls all looked fantastic for Roald Dahl day and enjoyed Roald Dahl crafts in the afternoon. We made dream jars, paper plate fantastic Mr Fox's, Willy Wonka's lolly pops and The Twit's beards! 


Macmillan coffee morning was a huge success, thank you all for your donations!


As part of World Mental Health day we have discussed different feelings and what colours we associate with these feelings. We also discussed how we can keep our brains and minds healthy and created some art work to represent a healthy mind and a not healthy mind using the different colours to represent feelings.


Our class assembly was so lovely being able to share with the rest of the school the lovely work we have been doing over this half term. Cherry class made me very proud.