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Purple Mash Website:

From here children can access all of the resources from purple mash, there are lots of different things including the multiplication check which we do with the children every week - keep practising!



Past Planning

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Half Term Information Sheet

 Please see the below Half Term Information Sheet, which contains general information about Autumn Term 2.

Special Mentions 

Autumn 1

West- For producing an amazing piece of writing, including fronted adverbials and other descriptive techniques with no support! Well done!

Ella- for an amazing attitude to learning, wowing us with her maths and English work, well done.

Cayla- Nominated by the dinner staff for being an incredibly well mannered example to our school, always saying please and thank you and brightening up their day!

Antoni - for producing some fantastic independent writing during our English lessons, well done!

Haithem- You produced an amazing piece of homework, you shared it with the entire school and you should be proud! Well done!

Isabelle G- for challenging herself in all lessons this week and succeeding with a fantastic attitude! 

Autumn 2

Ryan H- for his amazing maths work, demonstrating how we can use simple calculations to aid solving larger ones. 

Isla C- for producing some lovely writing during English using all the grammar we have discussed as a class.

Lexi - for really impressing us over all the subjects, giving her all and always having a lovely smile to share with others. 


Autumn 1

Vinny- for returning to school with a fantastic CHAS attitude. Being caring, helping and sharing towards all members of Sycamore class; helping others when they were stuck and sharing his knowledge with them, well done!

Callum- for being such a kind and caring member of Sycamore class; helping those around him and being willing to work with other children, not just his friends. 

Macie - for being incredibly caring, helping and sharing to many members of our class and upping her game during lessons, well done!

Malachi- for being super helpful around the classroom and always being caring and sharing to others, it is noticed, well done!

Isobel R- for being a lovely member of Sycamore class, being kind to others, sharing her knowledge and helping anyone who needs help!

Autumn 2

Tilly- for being kind to others every single day, not just in the classroom but throughout the school too.

Jamie- for always having the biggest smile on his face, including at after school/ breakfast clubs and sharing his happiness with everyone!

Haithem- for being a really good friend to people in his class, sharing his knowledge and ideas caringly and showing a brilliant attitude!


Each week children will be given spellings relevant to their learning over the  week. They will be tested on a Thursday. 

Each week on a Friday children will be given a problem solving sheet for maths, this is optional but if completed, children will receive a gold star and needs to be handed in before the following Friday. 

If your child is struggling with any aspect of their homework, I am available every playtime or lunchtime to help them work through the tasks. 

Please find the Mission booklet for this half term below. 

Recommended Reading List

Please see the below recommended reading lists for your children. 

 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y4 (8-9yrs).pdfDownload
 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y5 (9-10yrs).pdfDownload
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Picture Gallery

Roald Dahl Day:

We have had an amazing day, celebrating Roald Dahl and his fantastic stories!

We also designed our own 'best' and 'worst' teachers, inspired by Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey - here are our favourites!

Active Maths:

In maths this half term we have been focusing on place value, addition and subtraction! We love using the concrete resources before we move on to working in our books, as well as finding fun and exciting ways to learn. 

Mission English:

This half term we have been focusing on a range of different genres. 

First we looked at Poetry and the different features included such as repetition, rhyme, alliteration and emotive language. We then produced some lovely Remembrance day poems in a similar style. Then we have written our scientific investigation up, learning about how to properly structure and layout a scientific investigation so others can also replicate it. We produced some very interesting conclusions. 

Afterthat, we focussed our learning on the book Lost and Found by Olvier Jeffers, we like Elm class have read the book and rewritten it. But we have used all of our knowledge on grammar to transform the book into a pictureless book! Our stories are amazing and we have loved sharing them with Elm class. 

Mission Possible:

This half term our mission has been based on animals (inlcuding humans) and their habitats.

What have we done so far?

So far, we have become scientists, investigating the digestive system and teeth. We had fun trying to label the different parts of the digestive system before replicating it- it was disgusting but very interesting! Then we looked at teeth and their functions, as well as visiting the dentist to discover the impact of teeth brushing and keeping them healthy. This interested us so much we decided to set up our own scientific investigation on tooth decay and the effect of fluoride toothpaste.

We then moved away from humans and onto animals, classifying them into different types and creating food chains to demonstrate our ecosystems and where the energy transfers. After this we looked at classifying animals through classification keys. some of us even created our own!