Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Acorn Class - Reception/Year 1

Teacher:  Miss S Moughan

email:  moughan@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google classroom code: kw2qvfs 

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)

Evidence Me

 All parents/carers should have received an email from 'Evidence Me' asking you to set up the password for your account. From here it is super easy to use. You can download the app or view your child's observations through any web browser. This portal is also the best way for you to send in your own snapshots from home. We love to share our experiences from home, in school, so please do send them in!

Important dates/ things to remember:

PE days Year 1:

Wednesday (Indoor PE kit)

Fridays (Outdoor PE kit) with Jak the coach

PE day in Reception:

Wednesday (Outdoor PE kit) with Jak the coach


Reading Books:

Reading Books will be changed on a Monday and  Wednesday. 

Read, Write Inc books will be assigned to your child each week through Oxford Reading Tree's elibrary. 

Library books will also be provided so you can enjoy a wide range of different stories and structures. 


Please ensure your child always brings a pair of wellies (to stay in school) and a waterproof coat every day as we go outside no matter the weather. 

Remember to check your Evidence Me accounts every Friday to see all the exciting things your child has been up to throughout the week. 

If you ever have any queries or concerns, big or small, please do email me at moughan@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk and I will endeavor to respond as soon as possible. 

We have recently transferred over to Read, Write, Inc. Phonics.

Here are some ways to support your child reading at home. 

Optional Weekend Challenges (Reception and Year 1) - I wonder...

Each week/fortnight we will give your child an 'I wonder...' question to explore both at home and in school. This will spark discussions, problem solving and inquiries into the world around us and why things happen/occur. We hope you can also investigate this at home too and send in your own discussions/findings through Evidence Me. 

Autumn 1

Week 1: I wonder... why do we come to school? 

Week 2:  Practice the sounds -m, a, s, d, t

Week 3: Practice the sounds - p, i, n, g, o

Week 4: Practice the sounds - c, k, u, b, + I wonder.... can you make your very own gingerbread man? 

Week 5: Practice the sounds - f, e, l, h + I wonder... why do leaves fall off trees? 

Week 6: Practice the sounds - r, j, v, y + I wonder... what are skeletons and what are they for?

Week 7: Happy Half Term!!
We have made it through our first half term! You have done so, so well. We are incredibly proud of all of you.

A couple of things for over half term, If you have been in school this week, you will have received your phonics pack for over the break. Please keep this and continue to practice all of the sounds and words throughout Autumn 2, too.
As well as this we would love for you read your books, but also any books you enjoy at home.

The I wonder... for the holidays is for both Receptions and year 1s...

I wonder... can you investigate your family tree? Can you have a look at how things have changed over time, maybe you may even have photographs!

Don't forget to upload anything you get up to on evidence me and we can share this on our first week back.
Enjoy and stay safe!


Autumn 2:

Week 1: I wonder... why do some animals disappear in autumn/winter?  

Week 2: Practice the sounds th, ch, qu, ng

Week 3: I wonder... where in the world does Santa live? Do penguins live in the same place? 

Week 4: Review the sounds we have learned this week (see evidence me), then practice reading your book at home. 

                 I wonder... How have things changed over time?  Look and discuss photographs of family Christmases. What is the same and what is different between now                     and then?

Mission Homework Booklet - Year 1

Welcome Back Letters - Autumn Term 

 Half termly sheet Autumn 1 - reception.pdfDownload
 Half termly sheet Autumn 1 - year 1.pdfDownload
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What have we been learning about during Autumn 1? - Reception

Week 1: Remember, Remember the 5th of November! This week we have been celebrating and investigating Bonfire night and why we celebrate it. Our lovely year 1s have worked really hard to create their own fact files on Guy Fawkes and shared this with us! We have made fireworks outside using powder paint and ginormous brushes as well as smaller fireworks too using paint and glitter in the workshop. We have also read a lovely story called 'Little Glow' which discusses the importance of light in many celebrations, including Diwali which we learned about in RE with Mrs Cleaver. As well as this, we have created the most amazing market stall role play, just from a cardboard box being used to transport food. We all helped continue this, with people using playdough and other materials to create products to sell, everyone had their job. 

Week 2: Let's Look at Autumn was our book theme this week and we loved delving into this non-fiction book, this means it is full of facts and information, rather than a story. We went on an Autumn  Walk and compared our experiences to our leaf hunt last half term. We looked for many signs of Autumn and ticked this off our checklists as we went along. We found a few creatures which were getting ready to hibernate. We now know this is where some animals disappear off to in winter! We have loved continuing our market role play too, with pound notes being introduced in the bank. We had to write how much money we needed so the bank knew. We also began to create our own shopping list.

What have we been learning about during Autumn 1? - Reception

Week 1: We have been settling into school, having so much fun. There have been many dinosaurs and fairies dotted around the place and we have loved reading our favourite stories. We have been getting to know each other and also getting to know our continuous provision. We also read the story 'The Colour Monster' and discussed our emotions. We had PE with Jak the coach for the first time, he was really impressed!

Week 2:  This week we carried on getting settling into school, we read all of our favourite stories, including ones about how to stay calm and be kind. We found a really go way to help calm ourselves down if we need to. We also started squiggle whilst you wiggle for the first time, going up, up, up, down, down down, up, down, up, down, shake it all around!

Week 3:  Again this week was all about getting to know us, what we like, what we are interested in as well as what we need to learn this year! We loved Roald Dahl day and based our learning on 'Colours' and 'Numbers', sorting different colours and counting different amounts.  We also learned another squiggle with a rhyme called 'Chinese Dragon'. 

Week 4: Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!! Has been our theme this week and we have loved joining in with the story as well as creating our very own challenges. This week we also started our first maths lessons looking at matching and grouping. We carried this on in learning time through our independent inquiries. As well as this we had a go at home learning for the first time ever! Just one day, but we had so much fun and joined a google meet from home!

Week 5:  We have loved reading 'The three little pigs this week', joining in with the story and using the story spoons to recreate this in our play. We also read the story 'The Dot'. This inspired us to create our own art work which we based on the artist Kandinsky. We learned he is a Russian artist who moved to France. We then created our own collaborative piece which we have created invitations for Miss Frier, Miss Langridge and Mrs Coventry to come and see our art exhibition! We have also celebrated 'Hello Yellow Day' and spoke about good and bad mental health and why it is important to talk. We also learned the Makaton signs for the emotions - happy, excited, angry, scared, sad, worried and confused.  


What have we been learning about during Autumn 1? - Year 1

We have been settling back into school, having so much fun. There have been many dinosaurs and fairies dotted around the place and we have loved reading our favourite stories. In maths we have been revisiting sorting by type, colour and size and we have also began to recap our numbers to 5. We loved our senses walk with Miss Donnelly in Science as well as PE with Jak.

In English we have been looking at how to segment CVC words for writing as well as having a go at labeling things independently. We wrote in our Year 1 English books for the first time and they are so neat! In Maths we revisited blockzilla and had a go at comparing numbers using the language, more than, less than and equals. Some of us even challenged ourselves by using the symbols >,< and =. As well as this we have thrived during our provision challenges creating our very own transient art gingerbread men/women. We also had our first computing session with Miss Donnelly, which was very exciting!

We also read the story 'The Dot'. This inspired us to create our own artwork which we based on the artist Kandinsky. We learned he is a Russian artist who moved to France. We then created our own collaborative piece which we have created invitations for Miss Frier, Miss Langridge and Mrs Coventry to come and see our art exhibition!

A little 'snapshot' into our Autumn 1 adventures so far...

CHaS and Special Mentions

Autumn 1

Week 1: 

 Special Mention is going to Stanley for his outstanding efforts throughout learning time. We also loved your answers during whole class reading. 

CHaS is going home with Una for being incredibly kind, caring and helping out brilliantly during tidy up time. 

Week 2 : 

 Special Mention this week goes to Logan. This is because Logan has excelled with all his year 1 work this week and has really, really tried in every single lesson. We are so impressed Logan, Keep it up. 

CHaS is going home with Q’Son. You have been incredibly caring with those around you this week and you are always willing to share your resources with everyone. Well done Q’Son!

Week 3: Not done due to coffee afternoon for Macmillan 

Week 4: 

Special Mention is for Bodhi for his exception attitude to learning this week. He has not only tried hard in every lesson but has thrived with his independent challenges too, including segmenting words independently for writing. 

Special Mention also goes to Darcy for being enthusiastic ALL week, being willing to take on every challenge set, including some of the year 1 challenges! Well done

CHAS is being awarded to Jude for his kind and caring nature, Jude is always caring, helping and sharing but this week as particularly demonstrated this by caring for a reception child - well done.

Week 5: 

Special Mention this week goes to Charlie. After a bit of a bumpy start, Charlie has completely turned his week around. He has produced the most brilliant labels in English for our story Room on the Broom and has continued to amaze us. Well done. 

CHaS is going home with Blake. This is because Blake has been super caring, helping and sharing and as well as this Blake during PE with Jak, Clapped every single child for their achievements. Well done Blake!

Week 6: 

Special mention is for Vinnie, your writing this week has been brilliant and we loved how you persevered even when you found it tricky, well done!

CHaS is spending half term with Logan for always being caring, helping and sharing with everyone, especially with our little receptions, well done!


Autumn 2:

Week 1: 

Special mention is for Davy, this is because this week he has tried exceptionally hard with all of his writing about Guy Fawkes, trying to write the words independently using the resources he has, well done!

CHAS - Imogen for always being caring, helping and sharing with all of the children around her. Well done!

Week 2: 

Special mention goes to David for his brilliant attitude to learning this week in all areas. David even tried really hard with his autumn writing this week, well done!

Chas is going home with Daisy for always being caring, helping and sharing with all children, well done!

 Week 3: 

Special mention this week is going to Noah. This is because Noah has been trying exceptionally hard in English and Maths this week. Even though we know you can find it challenging at time, you have not given up and have been motivated to challenge yourself in your work, well done!

CHAS is going home with Luna for being super caring, helping and sharing ALL of the time with all of the children around her. It is so lovely to see, every day. Well done!

Week 4: 

Special mention this week goes to William. This is because William spent nearly all of his learning time creating and writing a card to send to a loved one. William put lots of effort into this and took his time with every aspect, well done. 

CHaS is going home with Lucas, Lucas has been super caring, helping and sharing this week with helping those around him and sharing lots of lovely facts with us! Thank you!

Useful links

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50 Recommended Reads for Reception. 

Reading support/ useful questions when reading at home:

 Guided Reading Strategy Prompt Question Mat.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Chunky Monkey.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Don't Forget.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Excited Evie.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Flippy Dolphin.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Hop, Skip, Jump.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Mouse the Mouth.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Sharp Eyes.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Slide the Snake.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading Strategy Question Mat - Sound Talk It.pdfDownload
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