Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Welcome to Elm Class - Year  1

Teacher:  Miss J Donnelly

email:  jdonnelly@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom code:  d33yjww

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)


Ways to support your child read at home. 

Recommended Reads for Year 1. 

World Ocean Day! 

We have been learning about plastic pollution and how it is affecting the animals in the oceans. We made some posters to put up around the school and teach other classes what they can do to help. 

Spelling cards 

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Parent's Information Letter



Phonic activities

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How can you help at home?

We often get asked this question.  One of the most useful and rewarding things you can do with your child at home is to read, read, read!!! 

Click on the link to read a booklet with lots of ideas that can make reading at home more fun and includes top tips on how to make the reading experience you have with your child really effective!


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Websites to use at home!


The free area of the PhonicsPlay website is filled with free interactive games and much more. There are many idea to support teaching phonics and advice for parents in helping their children learn to read.



Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website packed
with expert advice, top tips, eBooks and activities to help
you support your child's reading and maths at home. Also 250 free e-books when you register.



253 free educational interactive teaching resources and activities for Primary Schools. 77 free to use fun kids games/activities for kids aged 4 - 11. 165 plus links to free interactive teaching activities, educational games, image and software resources.


Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children, with great online reading games and activities. Your children can start reading now – just click the ‘free trial’ button to get started!


ICT games has a range of phonics based games that are fun and interactive for children. They show clear objectives for each game and also have free printable materials.

Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: 


This half term's Special Mention

Summer 2: 

Week 1: We have two special mentions in Elm class this week. One is going to Esmay for really persisting and showing resilience towards learning to tie her shoe laces. She continued with this at after school club and can now tie her own laces independently. Well done Esmay! Such a grown up thing to be able to do. 

The other special mention is Harry, for really trying hard in this week’s group work activities. Harry has worked as part of a group in science, phonics and maths and has shown real team working skills. Well done Harry, keep up the good work.

Week 2: Special mention goes to Lola this week for her ‘Save the Ocean’ poster, she really took her time designing the sea creatures and adding details of how we can stop plastics getting into the ocean. She has also surprised us with being able to tie her laces, well done!

Week 3: Special mention goes to Ava this week. She always takes lots of care with the presentation of her work making sure it is neat. She has especially impressed the teachers with her timeline all about Captain James Cook. Well done Ava, keep up the hard work!

Week 4: Teddy for his amazing eyewitness report of the sea monster that attacked the pirate ship. He used descriptive words and verbs with ‘ing’, something we have just started learning about. You tried so hard to keep your writing neat and interesting, well done! 

Week 5: We have 2 special mentions this week! These are going to Joey and Millie. This is for how helpful you have been with other children this week. Joey has helped others find what they need and listened to them read over their stories. Millie has helped her friends to make and tie their reusable bags. Well done!

Summer 1:

Week 1: Special mention goes to Immy this week, for your hard work in all lessons and not giving up when things get tricky. You are really challenging yourself and taking your time with your work. You have also been a good friend to others this week when they have been feeling upset, well done. 

Week 2:Special mention goes to Abigail, for her efforts with her writing in English and improving her presentation, well done!

Week 3: I have two special mention this week and they go to Esmay and Millie. This is for your lovely teamwork that you have shown this week. You are always helping each other practise your spellings and always ask if you can help others once you have finished a job! Well done girls. 

Week 4:  Special mention is going to Lola today for your art work last friday! You made a clay Maasai home and followed your design so well. You always take your time and have produced some wonderful work this week.

Week 5: Goes to Lacey this week for all the hard work you have put in with your handwriting and phonics. You have really taken your time with your work and we can see you are really challenging yourself. Well done and keep up the good effort!

Week 6:

Spring 2: 

Week 3:  Goes to Esmay, for blowing us away with your maths and handwriting this week. You have come back to school and settled in again so quickly. You are so keen to learn and challenge yourself, keep up the good work Esmay! 

Week 4: Special mention goes to Joey for his great progress with his reading. He has been reading so many books at home and we are so proud of you!

Week 5: Special mention is Isla this week for her effort in our guided reading lessons, Isla has really improved her writing skills and is even using ‘because’ in her work. She is always trying her best and helps others when they ask her.

Autumn 2

Week 1: Isla is our special mention this week! This is for all the hard work you are putting into your maths and English. You have been so focused and tried lots of challenges. Keep up this fantastic effort! 

Week 2: Teddy is our special mention this week. This is for your super handwriting and all the hard work you are putting into your phonics sessions. You have really tried hard on your letter formation and we are so proud!

Week 3: Jessica is our special mention this week. This is for all the maths work you have completed this week. You have worked so hard and taken on some mastery challenges. You have used strategies you have learnt to help your problem solving, well done!

Week 4: Special mention goes to Heidi this week for her amazing independent work in our computing lessons. Heidi has started to create her own digital story board of 'Owl Babies'. She has added in sound effects and typed up the events in the story. 

Week 5: We have two special mentions this week! These are going to Immy and Esmay. This is for their fantastic work in maths and never giving up even when they found it challenging. They have work hard to improve their presentation and have taken their time in produce some high quality art work. Well done! 

Week 6: Special mentions goes to Clayton this week, for always looking after his friends! He helped someone who fell over and made sure they got cleaned up. He is always asking to help and tidies up the construction area so well! 

Week 7:  Special mention goes to Ava this week for her beautiful neat letter writing in English, you really took your time Ava and it showed in your work. You have been seen helping others if they are unsure and asking more questions to further your own learning. Well done!

 Autumn 1

Week 1: This week's Special Mention goes to Lilia, Dexter and Teddy. You are all brand new to Elm class and have settled in so well. You are all so polite and have made some lovely friendships. 

Week 2: Skye has got special mention this week for her reading. You are trying so hard with your reading at school and at home Skye. You are so determined and keen to read more interesting books. Keep up this great passion! 

Week 3: Scarlett has received a special mention this week for the high quality of work she has produced. You have worked so hard Scarlett and taken your time with your school work.  You did some lovely writing in guided reading and created a very neat season clock. Well done Scarlett! 

Week 4: Georgia is our special mention this week, well done! You have worked so hard in phonics and we are noticing Georgia. You have tried so hard with all your daily sounds and tricky words. You never give up and I hope you keep up this wonderful work attitude!

Week 5: Lola is our special mention this week, this is for your use of phonics in our story writing sessions. You wrote a beautiful, independent recount of Little Red Riding Hood. Well done Lola, Keep it up!

Week 6: Special mention goes to Lacey this week for all the effort you have put in. You have pushed yourself in maths, phonics and even completed all the challenges during choosing time! Well done Lacey, Keep this fantastic effort up!

Week 7: Elara is this weeks special mention! This is for your wonderful maths work this week, you have really pushed yourself to try more challenging work. Your number formation is so neat and you have worked hard on your presentation, well done!

This half term's CHAS

Summer 2: 

Week 1: Jessica for supporting her friends by offering her help and advice. Jessica has also gone above and beyond to keep the classroom looking tidy and safe for everyone to work in. Jessica demonstrates beautiful manors and is always so polite to both her friends and teachers. You are an excellent CHAS role-model. 

Week 2: Chas goes to Immy this week for being so helpful about the classroom. Immy takes lots of care without being asked and enjoys taking on lots of responsibilities. She goes out of her way to help others, you are a role model for us all Immy!

Week 3: CHAS is going home with Skye this week. Skye has been blowing all of the teachers away with how hard she is working. Not only has she been enjoying the work we have been doing in the classroom, she has also decided to continue her learning at home by finding lots of interesting facts about different sea creatures. Skye has also shown great determination with her reading at home and in school. Well done Skye!

Week 4: Chas is going to Emily this week, you are always such a kind person and have been giving your friends and teachers such lovely compliments this week. You are just like Fabulous Frankie in the book we listened to, making others feel good about themselves! Well done!

Week 5: Chas is going home with Abigail this week. She is such a hard worker and the teachers are noticing all the effort you are putting in. You always try to do the right thing and take care of the outdoor area so well! Well done! 

Summer 1:  

Week 1:Chas goes to Harry, for having a wonderful first week back, he has been thoughtful and polite to all his friends and teachers. Harry has worked so hard in lessons and also looked out for his friends on the playground. We are so proud of you Harry you have had a very grown up week, well done!

Week 2:Chas is going home with Ava this week, for always letting others join in and making sure her friends are feeling happy. She is a good part of a group and listens to others. 

Week 3: Chas is going home with Joey this week. You are a good friend to everyone Joey and always let people join in with your play. You are a calm and funny member of the class, you always try to make others laugh and smile!

Week 4: Chas is going home with Lily today. You have had a wonderful week Lily and started to feel very proud of your work. You are showing a really good attitude in the classroom and keen to learn new things. You always try to involve others and put a smile on their faces. Well done.

Week 5: Goes to Georgia this week. This is for always showing a lovely and caring attitude in school. You are always helpful to others, even when you think no one is looking, and are so patient. You put a smile on everyone's face and are constantly amazing us with your positive attitude! Well done!

Week 6:

Spring 2

Week 3: goes to Clayton this week, this is for being a wonderful friend and always making sure people feel included in his games. He is so considerate and really goes out of his way to help others. Well done Clayton.

Week 4: Chas is going to Lacey this week. This is for always having a caring and positive attitude. You always have a smile on your face and let everyone join in with your games.

Week 5: Elara for always showing these great chas qualities everyday. She is a friend to everyone in the class and always has a kind word to say. She encourages her friends and looks after people when they are upset. Well done!

Autumn 2

Week 1: Lola is taking Chas home this weekend. This is for always showing those wonderful caring, helping and sharing qualities. You are a friend to everyone and always have a lovely smile on your face. Well done Lola!

Week 2: Chas is going home with Georgia today! This is for helping a friend when they were feeling a little poorly and always showing a caring attitude. You are always asking to help around the classroom and take on lots of responsibilities. Well done!

Week 3: Emily is taking Chas home this weekend. This is for being so helpful around the classroom and keeping everything organised. You always volunteer to help out and it has been lovely to see you helping your friends in maths if they find it tricky. Well done!

Week 4: Harry is taking Chas home today after a fantastic week! Harry has tried so hard to make the right choices and been really grown up with his decisions. He has been kind to others and offered to help around the classroom. Great work Harry, keep it up! 

Week 5: Millie is taking home Chas this weekend! I could give Chas to Millie every week for her wonderful caring attitude. She is such a responsible member of the class and always gives 100% effort in all our lessons. 

Week 6: Chas is going home with Immy today. This is for your fantastic and kind attitude Immy. You are so polite and caring towards your friends, you always let people join in with your games too.

Week 7: Chas is spending Christmas with Isla! This is for being a fantastic member of Elm class since the start of Autumn term. You are a such a lovely friend and you are so funny. We love all the jokes you tell and your creative ideas! Keep your Christmas chocolate away from Chas the dragon! 

Autumn 1 

Week 1: Chas is going home with Harley this week. Harley has been so helpful around the classroom and has really tried in his phonics. He has included children in his play and even helped a friend write their name. Well Done!

Week 2: Chas is going home with Esmay this week. You are always so caring Esmay and look after others if they are feeling a bit sad. You always volunteer to help others and do jobs around our classroom. Well Done Esmay!

Week 3: Chas is going home with Joey this week! This is for being a really caring and supportive friend to a new child in the class. Joey has been heard by the teachers, checking in with his new friend and making sure they are okay. We love to see this caring friendship developing, Well done Joey! 

Week 4: Chas is going home with Clayton this week, this is for the caring and sharing attitude you always show me Clayton. You are friends with everyone and will always let them join in with your games. You come into school with a smile on your face and always help people who need it. Well done Clayton!

Week 5: Ava is taking Chas home this weekend. This is for always showing a wonderful, caring and helpful attitude. You work so hard and try your best in everything you do. You have a great attitude for learning and you always take time to help a friend. Well done!

Week 6: Chas is going home with Scarlett today, this is for always have a lovely caring attitude at school. You are always ready to learn and put so much effort into your work. Well done!



What we've been doing this week