Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

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Oak Class - Year 6

Teacher:  Miss E Shaw

email:  eshaw@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom Code:  occgjca

Ways to support your child with reading at home. 


Whitley & Eggborough Community Primary School                 

Summer 2

Oak Class


Miss Shaw, Mrs Holt and later this half term our student teacher Miss Smith.


This half term we are continuing our mission from last half term all about Extraordinary Journeys. We will continue learning about our local area and reading maps, as well as investigating electricity and integrating this into DT work, creating sky ships based on our class text.  In Art, we will create personal cartography-based pieces based on places that we have positive memories. 


Our Class book

Our class book  ‘Bright Storm’ by Vashti Hardy, which we hope to finish this half term.  It is an amazing adventure story about daring explorers. Arthur and Maudie undertake an expedition in search of the truth about their farther. 



Homework books have been completed by many pupils through lockdown. Due to this, I will post homework activities onto the google classroom as well as setting weekly spellings onto Spelling Shed. 



There will be a spelling test on a Friday on a weekly basis.

 The Login for Spelling Shed will also be shared with the children so that they can practice spellings at home on a range of online activities.


Times Tables

Timestable rockstar logins will be provided. This is a fun online resource for children to practice their times tables.



We encourage reading as much as possible and kindly ask that you record any reading done at home in the yellow homework diaries.

Reading books will be changed when your child has finished their reading book.



PE this half term will be on a Tuesday and Friday . We are lucky enough to have a Tag Rugby coach on Tuesdays and the Friday session will be with our  regular PE coach, Jak,


If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me at


Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)

Home Learning week 2

 Mon 1st Mar .pdfDownload
 Tuesday 2nd Mar.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 3rd March.pdfDownload
 WORLD BOOK DAY activities.pdfDownload
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Home Learning week 1

 Copy of Friday 26th February work.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday 25th February work.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday 24th Feb work.pdfDownload
 Monday 22nd Feb work.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 23rd Feb Work.pdfDownload
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Home Learning week 6 - Creative Arts Week

 Copy of Mystery reads arts week.pdfDownload
 Further afternoon activity ideas.pdfDownload
 Internet safety.pdfDownload
 Maths work w.b. 8th Feb.pdfDownload
 Modern wonders of the world.pdfDownload
 Morning activity slides.pdfDownload
 Non screen activities.pdfDownload
 perfect passwords.pdfDownload
 Safer Internet Day 2021.pdfDownload
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Home Learning week 5

 Chapter 11 part 1.mp3Download
 Chapter 11 part 2 .mp3Download
 Chapter 12 .mp3Download
 Chapter 13.mp3Download
 Copy of Chapter 14- I am the space daddy .mp3Download
 Copy of Copy of Monday 1st Feb.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday 4th February.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday 2nd February (1).pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday 3rd February.pdfDownload
 Friday 5th Feb maths voiceover.webmDownload
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Home Learning week 4

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 Chapter 8.mp3Download
 fri 29th.pdfDownload
 Mon 25th Maths voiceover.webmDownload
 Monday 25th January.pdfDownload
 thurs 28th.pdfDownload
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 Tuesday 26th January.pdfDownload
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 Wednesday 27th January.pdfDownload
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Home Learning week 3

 Chapter 4 part 2.mp3Download
 Chapter 5 part 1.mp3Download
 Chapter 5 part 2.mp3Download
 Copy of Chapter 6 part 1.mp3Download
 Copy of Thursday 21st Maths voiceover.webmDownload
 Copy of _Thursday 21st January lessons.pdfDownload
 Find Percentages of Quantities 1_, 5_, 10_ and 25_ Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Friday 22nd January work.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January.pdfDownload
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 Friday 8th Jan Maths with voiceover.webmDownload
 Monday 11th January.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th maths voiceover.webmDownload
 Thursday 7th January lessons.pdfDownload
 Thursday Maths with voiceover.webmDownload
 Tuesday 12th January.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th Maths with voiceover.webmDownload
 Tuesday 5th January.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 5th Maths with voiceover.webmDownload
 Wednesday 5th January.pdfDownload
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Recommended Reads for Year 6

Recommended Reading List and Homework Booklet

 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y6 (10-11yrs).pdfDownload
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Special Mention

Summer 1

week 1 - Iwan for sharing lots of ideas in English and History

Week 2 - Marcel for a well written Piece of English and using lots of features

Week 3 - James S For an amazing English work using lots of vocabulary

Week 4 - West for your Enthusiasm in French!

week 5 - Olivia for Excellent script writing

Week 6 -

Week 7 -


Summer 1

Week 1 - Isla for having a lovely caring attitude

Week 2 - Brad for being so dedicated to school life and making the classroom a positive place

Week 3 - Trudi for starting each day with great enthusiasm

Week 4 - Katie for getting along with everyone and displaying CHaS qualities

Week 5 - Tegan for always displaying CHaS values

Week 6 -

Week 7 -


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