Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

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Pine Class - EYFS/Year 1

Teacher:  Miss J Hardy

email:  hardy@whitley.n-yorks

Google Classroom code: owsruzm


Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)

Ways to support your Year 1 child with reading at home. 

Home Learning Week 2 - Year 1 

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

 cursive-handwriting-worksheets .pdfDownload
 quick-read-ie words.pdfDownload
 Space Number Grid 1-50.pdfDownload
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 Copy of cursive-handwriting-worksheets .pdfDownload
 Croak! Croak! Croak!.pdfDownload
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 Year 1 maths one more one less.mp4Download
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Thursday and Friday
 Phonics Phase 5 ie.pdfDownload
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Spring 2 

Home Learning Week 1 - Year 1 

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

Monday 22.2.21
 Story Where the wild things are vocab .mp4Download
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 Minibeast Number Grid 1-50.pdfDownload
 On the River.pdfDownload
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 Phonics Phase 5 oy.pdfDownload
 t-l-4929m-cursive-handwriting-worksheets-letter-formation-looped-precursive (1).pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 6 - Year 1 

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

Monday 8.2.21
For Conrad's challenge please check Evidence Me
 ai-phoneme-story spotter .pdfDownload
 I Spy and Read Phase 3 mon .pdfDownload
 phase 2 revision.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 9.2.21
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Home Learning Week 5 - Year 1 

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

 I Spy and Read Phase 3 mon.pdfDownload
 number-bond-sticks-to 10.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 2.2.21
 Early Reading Comprehension Activity with Sound Buttons.pdfDownload
 Healthy And Unhealthy Sorting Activity.pdfDownload
 Instructions (1).pdfDownload
 Stormy Day Puzzle Adult Guidance.pdfDownload
 Stormy Day Puzzle Board.pdfDownload
 Stormy Day Puzzle Dice & Counters.pdfDownload
 t-l-4617e-letter-formation-alphabet-handwriting-sheet-uppercase-and-lowercase-looped-precursive_ver_2 (2).pdfDownload
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Wednesday 3.2.21
 T-L-4758A-Phase-3-Tricky-Words-on-Writing-Practice-Worksheets-Precursive (1).pdfDownload
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Thursday 4.2.21
 Fran's List.pdfDownload
 t-e-2550594-healthy-teeth-early-writing-activity_ver_3 (1).pdfDownload
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Friday 5.2.21
 Carrot Club Giuseppe Arcimboldo Fruit and Vegetable Portrait Art Activity.pdfDownload
 Carrot Club Giuseppe Arcimboldo Portrait Display Posters.pdfDownload
 Level 4 Minibook Pirate Adventure - Reading.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 4 - Year 1

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

 ccvc writing sentences .pdfDownload
 English -people-who-help-us-.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Tricky Word Cards.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Tricky Word Scavenger Hunt Checklist.pdfDownload
 Stage 1 Additional Common Exception Words.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 3 - Year 1

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

 Adding up to 12 activity.pdfDownload
 Clothes sorting activity.pdfDownload
 English Winter Writing.pdfDownload
 I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 4 Set 1.pdfDownload
 I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 4 Set 3 (1).pdfDownload
 phase 4 cvcc activity 1.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 2 - Year 1

For reception children in Pine please go to Acorn class page

 Fish and Chips reading comprehension.pdfDownload
 Number bonds to 10 worksheet.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 'oi' phoneme (sound).pdfDownload
 Phase 3 'oi' phoneme worksheet.pdfDownload
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Recommended Reads for Year 1.

Special Mention

Summer 1 2021

9th July - Beau - for taking such care in creating a  bright and colourful under the ocean picture using the wax and wash technique. Your picture is really beautiful Beau.

R - for listening carefully to stories about plastic pollution in our oceans and for making such thoughtful comments about endangered animals and climate change.

2nd July - Oscar - for trying hard and not giving up when building his submarine in the construction area. Several times his submarine was knocked down, but he didn’t get upset, he just built it back up again! Well done Oscar.

25th June - Dylan - for coming up with the wonderful idea of making rainbow coloured paper chains to celebrate Rainbow Day as part of Diversity week. Well done Dylan!

11th June - George - for great maths this week including ordering numbers and sharing objects equally between two and then three children.

                     Great work George!

21st May - Joseph - for terrific work in phonics this week sounding out and blending to read unfamiliar words. Well done Joseph. Keep up the good work!

14th May 2021 - Goes to Oliver this week for mastering counting in twos in our maths lessons. Oliver did so well with his twos that he moved on to counting in fives. He then showed us that he could count in fives up to 100! Oliver has shown real pride in doing this, and we are very proud too. Well done Oliver. 

7th May 2021Addison - for really developing in confidence lately and being willing to try new things, including tasting exotic fruits and trying a school dinner for the first time. Well done Addi we are very proud of you!

30th April - William - for terrific maths work describing and explaining about the properties of different 2d and 3d shapes. Well done William. 

23rd April - Chelsie -  for choosing to make her own addition number sentences using the magnetic numbers. Well done Chelsie.

16th April - Eddie - for working hard to practise his sounds and to write his name independently.

Spring 2 2021

26th March - Elliott - for a hard working week. Elliott has done some lovely independent writing and has also produced some good maths work involving adding by counting on using 10 frames.

19th March  

Paisley Mai - for choosing to write about the story of What the Ladybird Heard Next by Julia Donaldson. Paisley showed enthusiasm and pride in her writing.

Oliver S - after spending time reading with Oliver this morning Miss Hardy has found that he has made some super progress over lockdown - well done Oliver

12th March - Dylan and Alex - for both making a great effort when writing labels for the models they had made using mobilo. Dylan made a spider and Alex made a snake.

26th February - Maja - for excellent independent maths work this week using tens and ones with numbers up to 50. Miss Kellett was so impressed with your work Maja that she messaged me to tell me all about it. Well done!


Spring 1 2021

12th February - Jude for creating lots of wonderful things inspired by Chinese New Year during creative arts week. Jude made a fabulous Chinese drum, a colourful Chinese lantern and an amazing Chinese dragon. He used fiery coloured paints to make handprints and cut them out by himself before creating his dragon. Well done Jude!

5th February -  Oscar - for wonderful independent reading this week. Oscar, you showed excellent recognition of tricky words and were able to read lots of words by sight. You also understand that you can use your phonics to sound out any words that you are unsure about. Well done Oscar! Keep up with the terrific reading.


 29th January - Oliver - for another hard working week of home learning. Oliver has worked especially hard at using the part whole method in maths to solve number bond calculations for both 10 and 20. Fantastic work Oliver!

22nd January - Archie T - for his wonderful winter themed sentence writing all about a snowman. Archie made a great effort to use his sound mat independently to help with spelling words. Well done Archie!

15th January - Beau - for a beautiful transient art snowflake creation this week inspired by the snowy weather. Fantastic work Beau!

                            Lily - for a wonderful winter scene picture of a snowman using lots of different materials and textures. Well done Lily!

8th January - Vanessa - for working hard with her Home Learning this week and for showing real interest in her reading. Keep up the good work Vanessa we are very proud of you!

Autumn 2

18th December 2020- Archie - for remembering all of our vocabulary from the story 'Stickman' and sharing the words with the class. 

11th December - ? - for making  a set of number cards at home and bringing them in to share with us in school. Well done for wanting to continue your learning at home. We are very proud of you.

4th December 2020 - Oscar for creating a fabulous jungle themed story, called Rumble in the Jungle, which he and the other children acted out together. Great ideas Oscar.


Summer 1 2021.

9th July -  Addison - for being so kind to another child in Pine Class by kicking the football to them and including them in her game without being asked. Well done Addi. 

2nd July - Joseph - for being so helpful. Joseph has done some amazing tidying up in class this week. Well done Joseph.

25th June -  Lexi - as voted for by the other children in Pine Class. They say - Lexi is always kind and says - Let me help you with that. We all think you are amazing Lexi!

11th June - Oliver - for being kind and helpful to others, whilst building in the outdoor area. Oliver collected blocks for a friend, saying - Look! I’ve got these four blocks for you. Well done Oliver. This was lovely to see and hear.

21st May 2021 - Beau - for volunteering to take the part of the main character and helping to act out this week’s book theme story - This is Our House by Michael Rosen. You were fabulous Beau!

14th May 2021 - CHAS  is going home with Elliott this week. Elliott shows CHAS qualities each and every day and in all that he does. This week Elliott has been a great role model to his friends. Well done Elliott, and thank you for everything you do.

7th May -  William - for jumping up from the carpet to ask whether Miss Rice was ok when she nearly tripped over. Luckily, Miss Rice was ok but she really appreciated William being so kind and caring.

30th April - Archie - for using such lovely manners when asking permission to do something. It was lovely to hear such polite behaviour.  

23rd April - R - for taking care of one of his classmates who had hurt himself. R did this without being asked and it was lovely to see such caring behaviour.

16th April -  Dylan - for finding a seedling in the digging area outside, and replanting it in our raised bed. Dylan carefully prepared the earth, planted the seedling and gave it a good drink of water. Well done Dylan, thank you for caring about the tiny little plant.

Spring 2 2021

26th March -  Addison - for helping by wiping up a spill on the floor in the classroom without being asked to. Addison said that she didn’t want any of her friends to slip on it and fall over. Thank you for caring Addi.

19th March - Vanessa - for a wonderful attitude to learning since returning to school. Vanessa shared some fantastic writing of her name and numbers whilst spending learning time in the maths area.

12th March - Lexi - for settling back into school life so well. Lexi is a great role model, listening carefully at all times and always being helpful and friendly to others.

26th February - Lily - for helping your brother Max to make some delicious chocolate buns at home. Lily, you have also shared lots of exciting outdoor time with your family, going on lots of walks, riding your scooter and playing in the park.

Spring 1 2021

12th February - Alex - for working so hard this half term and making the most of every home learning experience every day. Alex has had the confidence to attend all of the meetings and share his ideas and answers. He has been an excellent team mate when playing phonic games in our meetings too. We are very proud of you and your family, Alex!

12th February - 

5th February -  George - for taking part in a charity event with your Mummy where you have to walk 10000 steps every day in February to raise money for other families who need support. We are very proud of you and your Mummy, George. We think you are both amazing and thoroughly deserve our CHAS award this week. 

29th January - Chelsie for creating such a lovely ‘missing you’ message to her cousin, including a wonderful drawing of Chelsie and her cousin together. Chelsie plans to brighten her cousin’s day by posting her caring message.

22nd January - Maja - for working so well both in school and at home this week and for sharing all of her wonderful work with Miss Kellett and Miss Hardy.

15th January - Joseph - for being so kind in telling Miss Rice 'Good job' when he noticed her working hard in the classroom. Your kind words made Miss Rice's day, Joseph.

8th January - Oscar  - for being so helpful in his family's allotment this week. Oscar has grown and harvested a delicious- looking cabbage and also helped to dig over the soil ready for planting more vegetables this year. Fantastic work Oscar!

Autumn 2

18th December 2020 - George - for kindly offering to share his advent chocolate with Miss Hardy. Thank you George, what a thoughtful thing to do.

11th December - Jude - for sharing his superb dancing with the class during our Christmas party. Jude invited his friends to join him and brought big smiles to all of our faces. Thank you Jude!

4th December - Beau for being a fantastic partner to another child during phonics and helping them with their learning. Well done Beau.