Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Sycamore Class -  Year 4/5

Teacher: Mrs V Doganozu

email:  doganozu@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom Code:  gxfli6a

How to support your Year 4 child with reading at home. 

Ways to support your Year 5 child with reading at home. 

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1              (captial P)


Home Learning Week 2

 Copy of Mission possible activities S2 W2.pdfDownload
 Copy of Monday Wk2.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday Wk2.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wanted.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday Wk2.pdfDownload
 World Book Day.pdfDownload
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Spring 2

Home Learning Week 1

 Copy of Monday L1.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday Wk1.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday Wk1.5.pdfDownload
 Friday Mental Maths Sheet.pdfDownload
 Sycamore- Thursday 25th Feb.pdfDownload
 Thurs maths Code Breaker 1.pdfDownload
 Thurs maths Code Breaker 2 .pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 6 - Creative Arts Week

 Copy of Creative arts week.pdfDownload
 Copy of Monday Wk6.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday Wk6.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday Wk6.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday Wk6.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 5

 Copy of Monday Wk5.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of compound sentences.pdfDownload
 Copy of Mission possible activities week 5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday Wk5.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday Wk5.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday Wk5.5.pdfDownload
 Sycamore Class 5.2.21.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 4

 Copy of Mission possible activities week 4.pdfDownload
 Copy of Monday Wk4.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday Wk4.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday Wk4.5.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday Wk4.5.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 3

 Mission possible activities week 3.pdfDownload
 Monday Wk3.pdfDownload
 Thursday Wk3.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Wk3..pdfDownload
 Wednesday. Wk3..pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 2

 Copy of Monday Wk2.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday Wk2.pdfDownload
 Copy of Tuesday Wk2.pdfDownload
 Copy of Wednesday Wk2.pdfDownload
 Mission possible activities week 2.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Week 1

 Copy of Copy of Science L1.pptx.pdfDownload
 Copy of Thursday.pdfDownload
 Friday Sycamore.pdfDownload
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Recommended Reads for Year 5

Recommended Reads for Year 4

Special Mentions and CHAS

Every Friday, we celebrate the children's hard work; we do this by awarding one child per class a Special Mention and one child CHAS recognition.  A badge will be awarded for each, and if given CHAS, our CHAS dragon will be able to come home for the weekend.  He must be returned on Monday so he can be quarantined before being passed on to the next CHAS recipient. 


Summer 2

Week 3:  Joe for writing an amazing recount from The Piano, he really made you feel as if you were present in the story.

Week 2:  Myla for writing a really lovely flashback of an animation

Week 1:  Thomas Scott for reading out loud during whole class reading and growing in confidence with this.

Summer 1

Week 7:  Levi Warren for showing honesty and integrity, 2 very important qualities.

Week 6:  Joe for writing an amazing persuasive brochure on Maderia.

Week 5: Myla for working really hard on her decimals this week and showing a good understanding of decimals and fractions

Week 4:  Thomas Scott for trying really hard with his handwriting and being proud of the effort he had put into this, it was lovely to see you so proud of yourself.

Week 3: 

Week 2:

Week 1:

Spring 2

Week 4: Peyton-Mai Reed for working very hard and showing great resilience in her work.

Week 3:  Cody Spears to showing determination in his work and asking for help when he needs it.

Week2: Niall Martindale for working really hard this week on his fractions and newspaper report.

Week 1: Lucy Barker for working hard and trying her best in all her lessons

Spring 1

Week 6: Levi Warren for working really hard in all his online learning and asking for help when he needed it.

Week 5: Lucy Barker for working very hard both in school and at home, her effort has been fantastic.

Week 4: Max Howdle for working extremely hard on all his work this week, showing resilience and producing a fantastic biography on Thomas Edison.

Week 3: Charlie Blackmore for working really hard on his multiplication tables.

Week 2: Cody Spears for working very hard and showing resilience.

Week 1:  Myla Allcock-Toole for working extremely hard in all lessons and trying her very best.

Autumn 2

Week 6: Eliza Drury for working really hard.

Week 5: Yuki Green for writing a fantastic Boudicca speech.

Week 4: Isabelle Harwood for working hard and being confident in reading out her work to the rest of the class.

Week 3: Fletcher Spinks for working really hard, trying his best and not giving up in maths.

Week 2: Levi Warren for producing some fantastic writing, trying extremely hard in all lessons and being a supportive member within his team during PE

Week 1: Samuel Preval for trying his very best in every lesson and being a great role model for the class.


Autumn 1

Week 7: Cody Spears for a great attitude to learning, writing an amazing independent story and acrostic poem.

Week 6: Ashton Quick for writing an excellent independent story and working really hard in every lesson.

Week 5: Thea Dempsey for completing all the lessons we have done in school, at home as well as doing some amazing Russian cooking.

Week 4: Zoe Butterfield for trying extremely hard in all lessons, getting on her work and challenging herself in English and maths.

Week 3: Joe Lightowler for writing an amazing 4 chapter story, which is available on Sycamore's Google classroom page.

Week 2:  Lucy Barker for trying in every lesson, pushing herself to achieve her very best and having a very positive attitude.  

Week 1:   Thomas Scott for working extremely hard at everything and trying his very best.


Summer 2

 Week 3:  Lucy for taking care of the trees the children in Sycamore planted during the week.  Lucy has made sure they have been watered and did this without anyone asking her to.

Week 2:  Kadi for always showing CHaS qualities

Week 1: Charlie Blackmore for always having beautiful manners and being polite to everybody, staff and students alike.  Well done Charlie.

Summer 1

Week 7:  Yuki Green for working hard, showing positivity and enthusiasm in all her work.

Week 6 Kadi Deere for always being positive and enthusiastic and offering to help adults and children.

Week 5:  James Cairns for always being helpful and caring towards everyone in the class.

Week 4: Isabelle Harwood for working hard in class, she is always helpful and has been very enthusiastic and positive in class this week.  It has been lovely to see such huge, beautiful smiles from her. 

Week 3: Mia Craven Sanchez for helping Mrs Moore tidying up when someone knocked something off the table. 

Week 2:  Samuel Preval for always being polite and helpful and consistently demonstrating CHaS qualities. 

Week 1: 

Spring 2

Week 4:  Niall Martindale for holding the door open after PE for his classmates.

Week 3:  Samuel Preval for always being polite, caring and positive both in his work and towards his peers and adults.

Week 2: Luke Corbally for being a good and supportive friend and advising his friend to ignore something rather than retaliate.

Week 1:  Issy Carr for always being cheerful, happy and having a positive attitude to everything.

Spring 1

Week 6:  Honey-May McQuillan for being helpful, positive, and enthusiastic, despite only having joined the School in January and never having met any of her fellow classmates Honey-May has been really helpful and supportive.

Week 5: Isla for always being positive, supportive, helpful, and caring.  A real CHAS ambassador.

Week 4: Lewis Abbott for always being positive and happy at all the meets and contributing to all our discussions about our Edison biography

Week 3: Zoe Butterfield for being positive and supportive

Week2: Samuel Preval for being supportive online and helping his classmates with finding information.

Week 1: Isabella Singleton for working really hard, being really positive, and a superhero.

Autumn 2

Week 6: Peyton-Mai Reed for being helpful, considerate, and caring.

Week 5: Joe Lightowler for being a great sportsman, CHAS ambassador, and playing very fairly during the party.

Week 4: Zoe Butterfield for always being positive, helpful, and cheerful.

Week 3: Myla Allcock-Toole for being a CHAs ambassador, always smiling, and a positive influence within the class.

Week 2: Abigail  Coventry for always being positive,  helpful, and caring within the class and towards her classmates.

Week 1: Max Howdle for being a great friend, always cheerful, and being a positive role model for the class.


Autumn 1

Week 7: Isabella Singleton for being a great CHAS ambassador, helpful, caring and sharing.

Week 6: Issy Carr for showing true CHAS qualities, always offering to help and being extremely caring. 

Week 5: Charlie Blackmore for always helping his classmates and making sure they are alright if they fall over or feel unwell.

Week 4: Kadi Deere for settling into the class brilliantly, it feels like she has always been with us.

Week 3: Lewis Dawson for helping a classmate in whole-class reading,  which he did very quietly but supportively. 

Week 2: Mia Craven-Sanchez for helping around the classroom, always smiling and being a good friend.

Week 1: James Cairns for being extremely helpful as well as being really positive and happy all week.

Half Term Information Sheet


Times tables

All children in year 4 will be required to take the new multiplication check in the summer term so we are having a huge push on learning times tables over the year. We have new times table practise books which are kept in school as well as different apps we subscribe to, as a school, where the children can practise their times tables in a fun way.

Times table Rock stars

We have a subscription to TT Rock stars which the children absolutely love! They can play on 'garage', 'studio' and complete 'soundchecks' which follow the layout of the multiplication check in Summer.

We have regular "battles" within school between different classes and the winning class are rewarded with different activities.



Purple Mash

From here children can access a variety of different resources including the multiplication check which we do carr out weekly with the children.



These apps help the children to learn and consolidate their tables and they can compete with their classmates and other schools.

Recommended Reading List

Please see the below recommended reading lists for your children. 

 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y4 (8-9yrs).pdfDownload
 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y5 (9-10yrs).pdfDownload
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Picture Gallery

We made biscuits today to represent the English flag and to support the England football team in tonight's match.  We also learnt about St George, who he was and why he is our patron saint.

As part of our 100 challenge, Sycamore have planted 100 bulbs along the fence on the playing field.  Hopefully in Spring next year we will have a riot of colour from these bulbs.  

In Mission we have been learning about Ancient Greece.  The children have created mythical creature eyes out of clay.  They worked really hard on creating different effects with tools and with the clay and the results are fantastic.

We took part in a skpping lesson and learnt how to do some tricks involving twisting the rope at either side of us as well as jumping through a loop we made with the skipping rope.  We then moved onto jumping with a partner.  As you can see the children were amazing and really started to develop some fantastic skipping skills by the end of the session. 

Lucy took part in a25 metre open water swim in Keswick over the weekend and earned herself a medal for taking part.  Well done Lucy.

One of our classmates decided to donate her hair to children who have lost theirs through illness.  As you can see, Eliza was very brave and had her beautiful hair cut short so that other children can benefit.  We are really proud of her, well done Eliza.

Sycamore enjoyed the urban streets dance class that was provided today and learnt how to lock.  This is the finished dance they learnt and performed.  

The children enjoyed a fantastic cricket lesson today provided by All Stars Cricket and were absolutely amazing with their batting skills.  They really impressed the coach both with their accuracy and power.  

This half term we have been practicing our persuasive writing and the children researched Madeira as a holiday destination.  They wrote some amazing brochures using powerful, persuasive language to make Madeira sound a magical island.  We used exaggeration to make this an unmissable holiday spot.

This half term we are looking at forces and magnets.  We sorted different materials into 2 groups - magnetic and non magnetic.  We discovered there are only 3 metals that are magnetic and linked this to our prior knowledge about what is at the centre of the Earth.  

We are looking at Monet this half term and used his haystack paintings as inspiration for our own.  These are the first attempts by the children using crayons and felt tips.  They were really impressed with their results and all worked extremely hard and patiently on their drawings.

In Science this half term we are looking at sound.  The children have made talking telephones out of plastic cups and string to understand how vibrations pass through the string and enter our ears.

In PE the children have been team building and it has been lovely to see such great team spirit, encouragement and support from each of them towards each other.   They have excelled today in their leadership, group work and persistence.  It was a fantastic lesson to watch.

In English, we have used the book Wolves in the Wall by Neil Gaiman.  The children have written their own stories with a different animal coming out of the wall and then used the same animal to write an acrostic poem.  They have done amazingly well and tried really hard to use different poetic devices within their poems.

In Mission Science we are learning about light.  We have investigated which materials would be the most suitable for sunglasses as well as proving that light travels in straight lines.