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Caring, Helping and Sharing

Willow Class - Year 4

Teacher:  Mrs E Lee-Stokes

email:  lee-stokes@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom code:  jnbpcig

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1  (captial P)


Ways to support your child with reading at home. 

Recommended Reads for Year 4

Half Termly letter

Homework Booklet

Times tables Songs

We love practising our times tables in class with Professor Pipette on BBC super moves! The children enjoying singing along to learning their times tables and doing the moves as they go! 

Times tables

All the children in year 4 will be required to take the new multiplication check in the summer term so we are having a huge push on learning times tables over the year. We have new times table practise books which are kept in school, and a copy has been sent home with the children to also practise. We also have different apps we subscribe to as a school where the children can practise their times tables in a fun way.

Times table Rock stars

We have a subscription to TT Rock stars which the children absolutely love! They can play on 'garage', 'studio' and complete 'soundchecks' which follow how the multiplication check will be in Summer.

We have completed in a battle of the bands against Sycamore class during the Autumn term and the children have won their own rock star afternoon!



Purple mash

From here children can access all of the resources from purple mash, there are lots of different things including the multiplication check which we do with the children every week - keep practising!



These apps help the children to learn and consolidate their tables and they can compete with their classmates and other schools.


Special Achievements in Willow Class


Autumn 2

Week 1: CHAS is going home with Riley this week. Riley was really kind and caring this week, especially when Mrs Lee-Stokes was accidentally hit by the football! He checked she was ok and was very lovely!

Week 2: This week CHAS is going home with Elsie. She is very kind and caring and has been a wonderful helper around the classroom.

Week 3: Rosie is taking CHAS home this week for always being such a kind and helpful member of Willow class. Rosie always thinks of others and is polite and caring to everyone.

Week 4: CHas is going home with Maia this week. Maia is polite, kind and a good friend to others in the class.


Autumn 1

Week 1: This week Henry is getting CHAS for being so helpful and offering to help around the classroom.

Week 2: This week CHaS is going home with Phoebe. She has been lovely outside this week and being there for friends when they have been upset.

Week 3:  Amelia is getting CHAS this week for always being such a lovely, caring and helpful person to everyone in the class:)

Week 4: This week CHAS is going to Jacob Jones. Jacob always starts his day with a positive attitude each and every day which continues through out the day. He is always kind, caring, helpful and funny! Well done!

Week 5: This week Phoebe is getting a special mention for her absolutely amazing effort in maths this week. Keep up this super attitude!!

Week 6: Delilah is getting CHAS this week for being really thoughtful to her friend and going to get her a tissue when she was upset and making her feel better.

Week 7: Izzy is getting CHAS this week for being so lovely and helpful to all of her friends. Izzy is always kind and caring to others, showing CHAS qualities each and every day.



Special Mention

Autumn 2

Week 1: Grayson is getting a special mention for really working to improve his handwriting this week and proving he can write with beautiful handwriting.

Week 2: Riley is getting a special mention this week for working hard to keep his writing neat and tidy. He wrote a lovely poem for Remembrance day and wrote it up in his neatest handwriting.

Week 3: This week Jacob Jones is getting a special mention for his English work. Jacob has been working really hard to up level his work and has confidently used subordinate clauses and super description in his work.

Week 4: Scarlett is getting a special mention for being such a hard worker. She always tries her best during lessons and is always proud of the work she produces.


Autumn 1

Week 1: This week Amelia is getting special mention for a super start to year 4. She has worked hard in each of her lessons and comes in ready to learn. Well done!

Week 2: This week Emma is getting a special mention. Emma always joins in our class discussions and offers great, well throughout ideas showing her super understanding.

Week 3: Leonor is getting a special mention this week for a super piece of writing this week. We looked at using fronted adverbials and she used them wonderfully to describe walking through the rain forest. Well done:)

Week 4: Special mentions this week is going to Sammy. Since being back at school he has worked his socks off in each lesson, especially producing some super English work by writing some super speech for the animals in the rainforest.

Week 5: This week Bentley is taking CHAS home this week for always having such a caring attitude and always offering to help. He helped his friend this week by helping them put all of their things in their bag when they had too much to carry.

Week 6: Marcus is getting a special mention this week for super effort with his independent writing today, persuading people to stop cutting down the rain forest.

Week 7: Darcie is getting a special mention this week for working incredibly hard all week in every lesson. She has made a special effort to improve her handwriting which is starting to look super!


Times Table Rock Star

Autumn 2

Week 1: This week Bentley has been a times table rock star for working hard on our times table of the week and really improving his score!

Week 2: Maia is a times table rock star this week for her great progress in the multiplication check almost doubling her score from the previous week!

Week 3: Leonor is a super times table rockstar this week! She got 25/25 in her soundcheck for the first time this week after a great deal of hard work and determination! Well done:)

Week 4: James is a times table rock star this week, he has been working really hard to learn his times tables and has made super progress with the multiplication check.


Autumn 1

 Week 1: This goes to for Jakub G for making a great start with his times tables, doing well in both the weekly test we do and on his first sound check in year 4.

Week 2: Sammy is getting the times table rock stars award this week for being so quick recalling our times table of the week.

Week 3: Jacob Jones is getting the TTRS award this week for really improving his speed on his 3 times tables over the week!

Week 4: TTRS award is going to Leonor. In Willow class we have been recapping our 3 times tables and at the start of the recap last Monday she scored 1/20 on the check and by Wednesday this week say got 20/20!! This just shows how hard she worked to learn them all. Well done!

Week 5: Rosie is a times table rock star this week, she has been really improving her soundcheck score getting a super 16 this week!

Week 6: Scarlett is Willow class’ TTRS this week for doing an amazing job at learning our times table of the week and getting her speed under 6 seconds!

Week 7: Sammy in a times table rockstar this week showing his super 8 times table knowledge! Well done!



Autumn Term


Star Reader

Autumn 1

Maia was 'Star Reader' this half term for reading at home each and every day and using her super knowledge to answer questions during whole class reading.

What we have been doing


In Science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. The children went on a hunt into the woodland to see what different invertebrates they could find. They had to use a classification key to identify some of the different invertebrates they found and draw a picture of them. As a class, we found a variety of different species and the children really enjoyed hunting for them all and recording their findings.

Willow Class have been creating their own classification keys to classify some of the different animals found in the Rainforest.


This term Willow class have been doing hockey with our PE coach Jak. They have been learning lots of different skills including, dribbling, passing and shooting. They have been mastering lots of skills and are now beginning to put them together in smaller games.

Willow class have also been practising for a virtual golf competition which they will take part in next half term!

Today Willow class enjoyed an indoor Kurling PE session! They got into teams and scored themselves completing the different activities.


In maths the children have been learning about Roman Numerals, negative numbers and ordering 4 digit numbers.

Roald Dhal Day!

The children came dress up in some super costumes and took part in different Roald Dhal activities through out the day. They became inventors for Mr Wonker and create new and exciting sweets that did some amazing things like changing the colour of your hair or making you fly. They also did some super drawings of characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


Children are asked to read every day, whether this be to an adult or another person. This can be recorded in their yellow homework diary. Please do ask children a variety of questions. A helpful sheet has been attached below to help guide the questioning around texts.

Every week children are given mental maths homework which has been differentiated to their level. Please encourage your child to complete as much of this independently before support is given, but also encourage them to use objects and pictures to aid their calculations.

Handwriting practice sheets are offered to the children each week, if your child does not take one, please do encourage them to still practice in their handwriting book at home. 

Mission possible, each half term the children are given a homework booklet, children can be as creative as they wish and if they would like to investigate a subject further then please encourage them to do so. We are always to see what the children are passionate about!

Recommended Reading List

 Children's reading book list KS2 Y3 (7-8yrs).pdfDownload
 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y4 (8-9yrs).pdfDownload
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