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Special Achievements


Week 7: Joe took CHAS home this week as he is someone who could get it every week. He is polite, kind and hardworking and represents CHAS qualities everyday.

Week 6: Charlie was chosen again this week for continually showing all the amazing qualities of CHAS each and every day!

Week 5: Abigail took CHAS hoe this week for showing lots of care towards her friends. She has helped them to feel better and shared her kindness.

Week 4: CHAS went home with Yuki this week for being such a good friend to others in the class, especially to one of her friends who has needed extra cheering up.

Week 3: Charlie took CHAS home this week for always looking out for friends, Charlie shares his ideas in class and works well with everyone he works with. Well done Charlie!

Week 2: CHAS goes home with Max today for being such a kind and caring person by taking time away from his friends at lunch time to care for an Acorn child.

Week 1: This week CHAS goes to Fletcher for his super start to the year and fantastic attitude towards his learning.


Special Mention

Week 7: Thomas and Peter Joseph got a special mention today for working so hard in maths all week and making excellent progress in maths.

Week 6: Levi got a special mention for his fantastic super hero picture and description on #helloyellow day.

Fletcher also got a special mention for his amazing attitude on our school trip to the Abbey this week. He gave some great answers in the talks we had and produced some great work.

Week 5: Lewis Dawson got a special mention this week for his super picture of 'Fletch' from the book we have been reading in English. He also included some good description in his labelling.

Week 4: Isabella got a special mention this week for being a writing super star! She has been working really hard and has been trying to include all of the different features we having been learning about in her writing.

Week 3: This week Samuel got a special mention for always being ready to learn and always helping his classmates. Samuel is always helpful around the classroom and is willing to do anything that is asked of him.

Week 2: Levi got a special mention this week for his amazing attitude during lessons all week. He has tried his hardest in all of his lessons and completed all the work set and moved onto the challenges.

Week 2: Levi got a special mention this week for his amazing attitude during lessons all week. He has tried his hardest in all of his lessons and completed all the work set and moved onto the challenges.


What we have been doing

In maths we have been looking at place value. The children have been looking at 100s, 10s and 1s and representing the numbers in different ways using a mixture of pictorial and written methods. They have been working very hard over the first few weeks of term and have now moved onto looking at numbers in thousands.


In English the children have been learning all of the different grammar that they need to know in years 3 and 4 for them to be able to use it confidently in their writing. Today the children used fronted adverbials to describe an action picture and they all did extremely well and used them correctly:)

We have started to read the book 'The Train to Impossible Places' and have been looking at the new character being introduced called 'Fletch'.


In mission we have started by looking at geography of the UK. They have located the different cities and counties of the UK and looked at different land formations including the different rivers and mountain ranges in the UK. Today the children went on a walk around Whitey to have a look at the local geography of the area and to look at the different landmarks in the local area which will carry the children into the history aspect of the mission.

We have moved onto the history side of our mission and have been looking at the history of the different places we visited in our local area. The children worked really hard this week creating information posters about the places they researched and will be presenting the information to the rest of the class to teach them about the history of the local area.


This half term the children are taking part in some outdoor learning sessions with Mrs Driver where they will be doing lots of different outdoor activities such as planting different plants and vegetables.

The children have been hard at work this week planning their soup ready for the big soup activity with Mrs Driver.


This week the children went on a school trip to Selby Abbey. They split into different groups and took part in a number of different activities throughout the day. They learned about the history of the Abbey including facts about when and how it was built, who used to work in the Abbey, Henry Vlll involvement in how the Abbey changed and about the fire in the Abbey. All the children had a fantastic time and have made many exciting things to take home with them.


This week we are also support mental health awareness day by wearing something yellow to school for #helloyellow. The children have been learning about what mental health is and how they can keep their minds healthy. We discussed how they can keep their mind healthy with good nutrition, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep and talking about their problems with trusted adults and friends. They have also created their own mental health superheros who, instead of fighting crime, help fight mental illness by being super listeners, good friends and help to take problems and worries away.


Children are asked to read every day, whether this be to an adult or another person. This can be recorded in their yellow homework diary. Please do ask children a variety of questions. A helpful sheet has been attached below to help guide the questioning around texts.

Every week children are given mental maths homework which has been differentiated to their level. Please encourage your child to complete as much of this independently before support is given, but also encourage them to use objects and pictures to aid their calculations.

Handwriting practice sheets are offered to the children each week, if your child does not take one, please do encourage them to still practice in their handwriting book at home. 

Mission possible, each half term the children are given a homework booklet, children can be as creative as they wish and if they would like to investigate a subject further then please encourage them to do so. We are always to see what the children are passionate about!

Times Table Cards

Below are the different times table cards the children need to practise with at home.

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Recommended Reading List

 Children's reading book list KS2 Y3 (7-8yrs).pdfDownload
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