Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Safeguarding and Early Help

In school if we have any concerns regarding your child's safety and wellbeing we will speak to you.

If we feel it necessary to request extra support for your child we will follow one of two routes

Early Help Referral - this requires us to have parental agreement.  The referral is screened by a team and passed to the relevant agency.  Please note that parents may also independently make an Early Help Referral themselves if support is needed.

Safeguarding Referral - in the event that we feel your child is in immediate danger we will seek and advice with the NYCPS - North Yorkshire Children's Partnership who may suggest an immediate referral to children's social care - please note we do not need permission to make these referrals- however we may inform you that one has been made.

Links to support for parent on safeguarding and Early Help

North Yorkshire Children's Safeguarding Partnership


Early Help Leaflet

Family Matters - York 

Information, including parenting courses, are available through Family Matters York - https://fmy.org.uk