Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Maple Class - Year 5/6

Teacher:  Mrs E Lightowler 

email:  lightowler@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom Code:  72g73x5

Google Meet link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/dqlbfzmr4v?authuser=0&hs=179

Parent Information 2021/22

Ways to support your child with reading at home. 

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1     (captial P)

Recommended Reads for Year 6

Recommended Reads for Year 5

Special Mentions

10/09/21  All of Maple Class for a fantastic first week at school.

17/09/21 Daisy for 2 amazing pieces of writing which show her wonderful imagination.

24/09/21 Myla for her beautiful presentation of a science explanation.

1/10/21 Honey for her mature attitude and thoughtful contributions in discussions in PSHE

8/10/21 Isabella for the consistently high standard of presentation of her work and her beautiful artwork.

15/10/21 Peter for working hard to improve his reading and impressing Mrs Hawthorne-Robson all week.

22/10/21 Courtnie for her wonderful writing - an excellent bonfire poem and full answers in whole class reading.

5/11/21 George for consistently producing lovely pieces of work in all lessons.

12/11/21 Daniel for challenging himself during Maths lessons.

19/11/21 Yuki for not only working hard in school and producing wonderful pieces of work but also for working hard at home and producing wonderful homework.

26/11/21 Kadi for showing so much enthusiasm in her Music lessons and for doing extra homework.

               Diego for an excellent non chronological report.

10/12/21  Abigail for working so hard on her non-chronological report and her letter - excellent writing!

17/12/21 All the children who have worked hard at home this week - Macie, Kara, George, Daisy and Isabelle.

14/1/22 Peyton for working hard and having a great attitude.

21/1/22 Isabelle H for having a great first week back and settling back in so well.

28/1/22 Skyla for her beautiful art work from her imagination and capturing the different styles that we have studied.

4/2/22 Jack for his enthusiasm about politics and our Parliamentary workshop and for having the confidence to ask questions to our local MP.

11/2/22 Kadi for giving 100% in all lesson - especially Maths.

18/2/22 Alfie for his excellent work in Maths and for always challenging himself.

4/03/22 Kara for making progress in Maths - especially in fractions and growing in confidence.

11/03/22 Abigail for excellent work all round but in particular for challenging herself in Maths and for a beautiful and moving piece of artwork.

25/3/22 Isla for an excellent non chronological report - a formal tone and amazing technical vocabulary.

1/04/22 Amber for always offering thoughtful contributions to our reading lessons and for her amazing writing.

8/4/22 Samuel for always producing work to a high standard and working hard to improve his handwriting.

29/4/22 Macie for always giving 100% in everything that she does and producing some wonderful work.

6/5/22 Max for working hard to edit and improve his writing on the Circulatory System.

13/5/22 For the Y6s who have worked so hard at their SATS and the Year 5s who have had an amazing attitude to a very different week - so proud!

10/6/22 Diego for a wonderful story so brilliantly shared with the rest of the class.


10/09/21 Jack for being kind and including another child when they were on their own.

17/09/21 Peyton for noticing when a child was on their own and offering to go and talk to them.

24/09/21 Max and Alfie for sending a card and sweets to Samuel when he was poorly and really cheering him up.

08/10/21 Amber for supporting the pupils who are new to our class and always helping a friend in need.

15/10/21 Samuel for being a good friend to everyone and letting other children have a turn before him.

22/10/21 Kadi for being a good friend to everyone and a great help to her teachers.

5/11/21 Macie for being a great help doing jobs around the classroom.

12/11/21 Oliver B for always showing respect to others and being kind and caring.

19/11/21 Oliver D for always being polite and well-mannered and also having a kind and caring attitude towards others.

26/11/21 Kara for being so supportive to other members of the class.

10/12/21 Lewis for being flexible and supportive and working well with other children.

17/12/21 Isla for including other children in her play.

14/1/22 Macie for making sure everyone has a friend at playtime and for being helpful around the classroom.

21/1/22 Eliza for being a great friend to everyone, working well with others and making us smile everyday.

28/1/22 George for being a kind and caring member of Maple class with impeccable manners and being a friend to all.

4/1/22 Oliver B for helping to organise the classroom and making sure resources are always ready and collected.

11/2/22 Skyla and Honey for encouraging the class to play together.

18/2/22 Daisy for supporting others with their writing - helping with ideas and corrections.

04/3/22 Oliver D for always being helpful and polite and for being a great friend.

11/03/22 Alfie for working well with other and for helping and supporting others with their work.

25/3/22 Diego for being kind and sharing the equipment that he was playing with with others.

1/04/22 Isabelle for being a lovely friend to everyone and for always offering to help with jobs.

8/4/22 Yuki for being polite and helpful at all times and for working well/playing well with others.

29/4/22 Peyton for helping and encouraging another child when working in partners.

6/5/22 Lewis and Oliver B for helping Amber to stamp and organise books in our class library.

13/5/22 All the class for how welcome they have made our new class mate - such a kind and caring class!

10/06/22 Abi for always making sure everyone is included and no one is left out.

Maple Gallery

World Book Day 2022

Here we are 'Escaping the Library' during World Book Day

Merits Autumn Term


Maple class wearing yellow for Roald Dahl Day - his favourite colour! 

Maple class dressed as some of our favourite Roald Dahl characters!

Maple Class Christmas Dinner

World Science Day - our biscuit investigation 


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