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Reception / New Starter Transition visits03Sep2020

12:00 am - 04 sep, 1:00 am @ Acorn and Pine Classes

Various visits for children to visit their new classes and teachers.

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Please copy and paste the link and nominate school to win some Book Vouchers. Pass on to friends and family to help us have a better chance of winning. 


With a heavy heart we say farewell and good luck to our 2020 Year 6 Team.  You were fantastic! 

Over the summer holidays, we would love to see that you all continue with your reading- use the website below to see the recommended reads for each year group. Please post your book reviews on google classroom over the summer and maybe we could buy some of your favourites for the library. 



The Government have also published 10 top tips for reading...

1. Encourage your child to read

Reading helps your child’s wellbeing, develops imagination and has educational benefits too. Just a few minutes a day can have a big impact on children of all ages.

2. Read aloud regularly

Try to read to your child every day. It’s a special time to snuggle up and enjoy a story. Stories matter and children love re-reading them and poring over the pictures. Try adding funny voices to bring characters to life.

3. Encourage reading choice

Give children lots of opportunities to read different things in their own time - it doesn’t just have to be books. There’s fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, magazines, recipes and much more. Try leaving interesting reading material in different places around the home and see who picks it up.

4. Read together

Choose a favourite time to read together as a family and enjoy it. This might be everyone reading the same book together, reading different things at the same time, or getting your children to read to each other. This time spent reading together can be relaxing for all.

5. Create a comfortable environment

Make a calm, comfortable place for your family to relax and read independently - or together.

6. Make use of your local library

Libraries in England are able to open from 4 July, so visit them when you’re able to and explore all sorts of reading ideas. Local libraries also offer brilliant online materials, including audiobooks and ebooks to borrow. See Libraries Connected for more digital library services and resources.

7. Talk about books

This is a great way to make connections, develop understanding and make reading even more enjoyable. Start by discussing the front cover and talking about what it reveals and suggests the book could be about. Then talk about what you’ve been reading and share ideas. You could discuss something that happened that surprised you, or something new that you found out. You could talk about how the book makes you feel and whether it reminds you of anything.

8. Bring reading to life

You could try cooking a recipe you’ve read together. Would you recommend it to a friend? Alternatively, play a game where you pretend to be the characters in a book, or discuss an interesting article you’ve read.

9. Make reading active

Play games that involve making connections between pictures, objects and words, such as reading about an object and finding similar things in your home. You could organise treasure hunts related to what you’re reading. Try creating your child’s very own book by using photos from your day and adding captions.

10. Engage your child in reading in a way that suits them

You know your child best and you’ll know the best times for your child to read. If they have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) then short, creative activities may be the way to get them most interested. If English is an additional language, encourage reading in a child’s first language, as well as in English. What matters most is that they enjoy it.

Year 6 Leavers video

We hope you enjoy watching the video - we are sorry we could not say these things in person.  We will miss you all and wish you all the very best.


We would like to thank Mrs Lee Stokes for all her hard work in collating all the messages.


A final letter .....

Further update from Miss Langridge regarding the Return to School in September 2020

Update   from Miss Langridge     3rd July 2020


Good Morning - following the announcement regarding the return to school in September 24 hours ago - I wanted to share the links that may support you in understanding what we will need to do to ensure the safe return of all pupils . I have attached the link for both settings and parents as the two should be read together to gather a full understanding. I will also be sending a detailed document of what this means for us at WECPS and how we think it will work - this will hopefully be with you by Tuesday 7th July.




Thanks Miss L

Class Allocations for Year 2020 / 2021

Please see below for the letter explaining class allocation for next year.  

As a guide remember that the classes follow on in this order

Acorns          Pine           Elm           Cherry

Chestnut       Willow       Sycamore        Maple       Oak

if you have not received an additional email from me please assume that your child will move to the next class.

Thank you.

Reception New Starters will find out which class they are in very shortly.

 Class allocation letter.pdfDownload
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Isabelle Greenwood in Sycamore class has decided to cut her long hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust.  The event will be taking place on 25th July, well done Izzy!

If you would like to donate Izzy has a just giving page 


Dylan the radio star!

Please listen to the clip below of Dylan in Reception class, who, during lockdown hand reared a baby starling!

Year 6 and September  2020 Starters

Please go to Google Classroom where you can ask questions about your new starts in September 2020.  Codes have been sent to parents via parent mail for Year 6's.

Update from Miss Langridge - 6th June 2020

This week saw our wider reopening for Year 6, Year 1 and Year Reception children in addition to the classes we have provided for our Key Worker and Vulnerable  children throughout lockdown.  It was great to see so many smiling faces meet us as the gate - it made us realise again quite how much we have missed everyone.

We have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our school is a safe as possible and we are making adjustments on a daily basis as things arise.  We are very grateful to all the staff who have embraced a new style of teaching and of course to the children who have shown maturity during what is a tricky time.

We would also like to thank parents for their support, their gratitude and their understanding, especially when we need to change things.  

We do not know what is next - we can only predict and we are therefore making a range of plans to ensure that we are ready for the next announcement.

September 2020 seems a long way off but we are listening and we are prepared to do what ever it takes to get back to some sense of normality.

Take a look at some of the areas of the school to see what it looks like now!

Well done Zac!

Zac Painter in year 5 held a plant & book sale in Eggborough village last weekend, he grew the plants from seed himself, and asked for book & toy donations and raised a whopping £735, to be split between our school & Doncaster & Bassetlaw hospital trust.

Update from Miss Langridge 21st May

Wednesday 6th May 2020

The children are all currently using the internet far more than would have ever imagined at the moment and with teachers starting Google Meets we would like to remind the Children and Parents about how to keep safe on line.

Below are some useful sites that provide plenty of guidance on how to ensure your child is not at risk online.  Please take the time to read and observe.

Thanks Miss L










Google Meet Rules and Recommendations

 Google meet rules (1).docxDownload
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Take a look at our video from us to you ...



We hope you like it   

You may have heard about enterprising young Isabelle H who featured in the Selby Times this week with her fundraising.  To date Isabelle has raised £370 for the NHS.   

We are very proud of you Isabelle!

The government have produced some guidance and links to support your child with their home learning. These can be used to complement what our school are already providing. Use the link:


The BBC are also producing activities aimed at specific year groups

Welcome to Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School 

 May I welcome you and your child to the school.  Whitley and Eggborough school provides a high standard of teaching for all children who attend.  Children obtain good national test results and receive a well-rounded education from experienced, committed teachers and other staff.  As well as high levels of achievement, our philosophy is that children should enjoy learning and school life and feel part of the family atmosphere we work hard to foster.

Opened originally in 1877, the school was extensively rebuilt in the early 1970s and was recently further extended in 2011.  It has a pleasing open aspect to the rear of the buildings, looking over farm and woodland.  We have our own woodland and pond area, which we enjoy and use as an integral part of our curriculum work.

At Whitley and Eggborough School, our vision is provided through a rich range of memorable learning experiences, learning experiences that affect the emotions. In other words, learning that excites and charges experience, learning that makes our children feel something significant and provides experiences that they will remember for a long, long time. This is achieved through creating learning opportunities in the classroom that are inclusive, meaningful and thrilling. Learning moments and experiences engage the children and excite their emotions, send a shiver through the soul and put them in ‘challenging’ situations.

We want to encourage learning for the future and so it is vitally important that the children are happy, secure and that their learning journey is fun. 

If you require paper copies of any information available on our website, please contact the school office. We will be happy to provide these free of charge.  These can also be made available in large print, braille or another language.


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